Your Favorite Comfort Food inside My Brown Bag


Craving for dessert that makes you feel at home? Looking for dessert that will lift up your spirit, or perhaps make you feel good? My Brown Bag is the answer to your longing for comfort food! It is all in one comfort goodness which is fast, easy, and packed with all the great stuff you want! 

You can pick your favorite from a variety of choices; macaroons, brownies, cookies, leche flan, cassava cake, mango float, and baked lasagna.

baked lasagna

leche flan

macaroons, brownies, cookies, and baked lasagna

My Brown Bag is another project of the Northern Group Works (NGH) and specifically under the Holister Inc., NGH's food arm.

To grab your very own comfort food and make our very own My Brown Bag, contact (023) 316-3151. Find them on Facebook and Twitter (@MyBrownBagCebu). 

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