Olango My Getaway: Shanky Baby Finally Meets Pan Bisaya

When we finally got to Olango Island through a bangka, excitement was very much evident on all our faces. 

As we were waiting for the shuttle to take us to our host in Olango Island, we were handed down pieces of bread that I have not encountered yet. They call it Pan Bisaya. 

Pan comes from the Spanish word which means bread and Bisaya is a word which is a name that denotes to people living in the Visayas or people speaking the Bisaya dialect. 

Pan Bisaya has a similar physical appearance with the bread we call locally as francis but the inside is packed with sweet pieces of grated coconut meat. 

After taking a photo, I took a bite and savored the taste. Wow! I never expected it, but the bread actaully tastes good! The dough was not too sweet nor too bland and was perfect in softness too while the grated coconut meat was neither too sweet nor too bland as well! 

Pan Bisaya for me is perfect with Filipino Style hot coffee in which muscovado sugar is used. Depending on your preference, any beverage will do. 

Pan Bisaya is a must try when visiting Olango Island!

Please disregard the list written on my palm because the spotlight should be on the Pan Bisaya. ^_^

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