Tears For Fears almost left Shanky Baby on Tears

Official Poster of Tears For Fears Concert by Ovation Productions

Great was my excitement when I saw an advertisement on TV which indicated that Tears For Fears is going to have a concert in Cebu. Wow! One of my favorite 80s band is finally coming to Cebu! This is one of my dreams. I did not write this dream on paper but I have surely written it on the notepad of my mind.

Why did I become a fan of Tears For Fears? To tell you honestly, the main reason was because I find Curt Smith very cute! Second, Roland Orzabal has strong and great vocals, and was cute as well. Third, their songs rock!!! My admiration for them grew when I received a cassette tape of the album Sowing The Seeds of Love. Need I continue?

I saved money so that I could buy myself a ticket. The cheapest ticket was Php 1,000. I told myself that the price was reasonable. I was already having great smiles even before the concert day. Little did I know that their concert will teach me a valuable lesson in life. 

That's me on the reflection.

On the day of their concert, I woke up at afternoon. My boyfriend was on duty so I was on my own to watch the concert. I went to Waterfront Cebu City Hotel by half past 6 PM to buy a ticket. I noticed the number of people around. It was a crowd! I asked the ticket teller if the Php 1,000 tickets were still available. To my dismay, they were already sold out! The tickets available were Php 2,500 (standing), Php 3,000 (free-seating), and the more expensive ones. I politely thanked her and stepped back. I began to think on how I could join the concert. Then somebody from somewhere suddenly asked me if I had tickets. I told him I had none. He began offering me Php 3,000 tickets for the price of Php 2,500. I politely told him that I could not have the tickets. My cash on hand was not enough to grab his offer. I was a bit teary-eyed already but suddenly, I remembered that I brought my CREDIT CARD! Wohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! After remembering the credit card on my bag, it only took me less than 10 seconds to think about grabbing the free seating tickets which was worth Php 3,000. My heart was beating fast! Finally, I have a ticket in my hand! I went to the loo before I went in line to go inside the concert venue. I waited with much excitement and it was all worth it!

Always buy tickets earlier so that you don't have to grab the more expensive ones!

Here's a view of the audience in waiting.

Here's a view of the audience in waiting.

I can't put in exact words all the feeling I felt when the concert started, but let me try. The audience went wild! It was great! It was amazing! It was superb! It was visually-appealing! It gave me the natural high I get every time I hear their music, but this time it was much more because I could feel their presence on stage. From the looks of their faces, I could tell that Curt and Roland has aged gracefully! The beats were fantastic! The video below was taken from my video cam. I'm sorry for the shakiness of the video. I'm petite so I had a hard time having a great view of the concert and keeping my hands still. The rest are photos I have snipped from the videos I have taken. I still have to upload all the videos I took from the concert though. Just keep posted on this blog for the videos because the sound quality is great!

The Cebu Concert Playlist included:
  1. Everybody Wants to Rule The World
  2. Secret World
  3. Sowing the Seeds of Love
  4. Change 
  5. Call Me Mellow 
  6. Everybody Loves A Happy Ending 
  7. Mad World
  8. Memories Fade
  9. Closest Thing To Heaven
  10. Billie Jean
  11. Floating Down The River
  12. Advice For The Young At Heart
  13. Bad Man's Song
  14. Pale Shelter
  15. Head Over Heels
  16. Shout

This was the part when the audience went wild! Everybody Wants To Rule The World was the first song.

This was the part when the audience went wild! Everybody Wants To Rule The World was the first song.

Curt Smith! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ^_^

Oh my God! He made the PEACE sign! That's my sign too!  ^_^

Roland feeling the guitar rifts! Oh yeah!

Roland placing a LOVE SPELL on us! ^_^


I love the background! This was when Sowing The Seeds of Love was being played.

Another awesome scream from Roland!

Tears For Fears! Number One!

Wow! Curt smiled!

Awesomeness noted Roland!

Is that a Fender, Roland?

Cutie Curt

Bye for now, but we'll meet again! ^_^

When they finished playing Head Over Heels, they actually left the stage. They were such in a hurry to catch their flight, but the audience wanted more. I, myself, wanted one last song. The crowd grew impatient until finally, they went back on stage to play Shout!!! That was awesome!!!

August 12, 2012 was indeed an unforgettable night! I could not forget that I paid Php 3,000 and I could not forget the awesomeness of Curt and Roland! Wohoooooooooooooooooooo! I can't wait to see them again!

Ayala Center Cebu (The Terraces)

It was just an ordinary looking fish pond back then 
but look at it now!
It's a very nice place to eat, dine, and relax!

Yours Truly

Coffee Dream Chill

Green Tea and Strawberry Chill (Non-Coffee Based)

There's nothing like a  
sweet fruity shake
On a hot and sunny day!
All the  Strawberries 
or Green Teas 
couldn't keep the brake
And the hounds at bay! 

Life is indeed very sweet
If you see it as such!


Money Summit and Wealth Expo 2012 Cebu City (Day 1)

Financially speaking, August 2 and 3 were the best days of my life this year! I was able to learn a lot of things regarding finance, what to invest, and how to charge up investments. The summit in Cebu City was held in the Arctic Room of Waterfront Hotel. The summit invited a lot of speakers of which are experts in their respective fields. I will name them one by one later. Before I continue, I would like to thank Mr. Heinz Bulos of Learning Curve and Tito Tony Hilado, Tita Gloria Hilado, Lovely Hilado, Jan Mck Hilado, Hanz Florentino, Joel Earl Melgo, and Clint Imperial of Business Incubators for making the summit possible for me and for those who attended it.

The first day was great! It started with the ribbon cutting ceremony, which was spearheaded by Mr. Rex Mendoza, Mr. Mario Miranda, Miss Ma. Theresa Javier, Miss Jocelyn Sta. Ana, Mr. Noel Altamirano, and Mr. Heinz Bulos. Oh boy! It was sure good to see them in one place! After the ribbon cutting ceremony, there was a press conference. The Money Summit Cebu has been officially started!

The Money Summit started with Mr. Gregg Tan, Application Specialist - Technical Analysis of Bloomberg LP. He started his career in Bloomberg in 2000. Prior to this, Gregg has been in the financial market since 1980. He has worked on the Bullion, FX, Futures, Equities Desk and on SIMEX Floor. He discussed about "How to become a Successful Trader." He was very amusing because he gave a lot of insight about how it was like working in the financial industry. He often gave out jokes and made the audience laugh. Here are some notes from his lecture:

A Successful Trader
  • Knows the motive for trading
  • Understands Greed, Hope, and Fear
  • Understands the risks involved
  • Is discerning
  • Is committed , focused and patient
  • Objective over investment horizon
  • Cuts losses fast and maximizes profits
  • Does not over-trade
  • Has a clear trading plan
  • Highly-disciplined
The second speaker for the summit was Mr. Rex Mendoza. He is the President and CEO of the Philippine American Life and General Insurance Co. (Philam Life). He holds various positions within the Philam Group such as Vice Chairman of BPI-Philam Life Assurance Corporation (BPLAC), Chairman of the Philam Insurance Agency & Call Center Services, Inc. (PIACCSI), Chairman of the Philam Equitable Life Insurance Company, Inc. (PELAC), Chairman of the Philam Foundation, Inc. and Director of the Tower Club Inc. Previous to his current position, Mr. Mendoza was Senior Vice President and Head of the Corporate Marketing and Sales Group of Ayala Land, Inc. He discussed about The Investor Mindset. He was very funny too! He is now one of my financial idols! Here are some notes from his lecture:

The Investor Mindset 
  • Anchoring - a subtle human tendency to depend on one fact, relevant or not, as a reference point for decisions
  • Loss Aversion - reason why people hold losing stocks longer than winning stocks
  • Overconfidence -most confident investors (heavy traders) posted results far below less-sure investors
  • Sunk-Cost Fallacy - there is a proper evaluation of risks and value which does not have to change because of your perceived exposure.
  • Anchoring - one of the psychological decision traps
  • Psychic income - the biggest money is made on long term investments and not on short term trading 
3 Stages in a Person's Financial Life 
  1. Man at work
  2. Man and Money at work
  3. Money at work
Wealth is not what you earn but what you keep!
You should match your assets and liabilities!
The third speaker for the summit was Mr. Mario Miranda. He is the Vice President and Head of Wealth Management of the Asset Management and Trust Group of the Bank of the Philippine Islands. He is tasked to spearhead the bank's Asset Management and Trust Group's (AMTG's) aggressive shift towards the rapidly growing retail market.  He discussed that investing should be part of our daily lives, just like brushing our teeth. Here are some notes from his lecture:
Eat, Sleep, Work, Invest

Investing is not only for the rich!

7 Basic Concepts
  1. Know what you have
  2. Beat inflation
  3. Saving is not investing
  4. Investing is unique and personal
  5. Investing is not one sure thing but many things
  6. Timing does not work
  7. Investing is for life
Wealth Creation
  1. Lifestyle planning
  2. Education planning
  3. Retirement planning

The fourth speaker for the summit was Mr. Manuel Arengo. He is the founder of cebubesthomes.com. He is a real estate broker in the Philippines for about a decade already. Here are some notes from his lecture:

Strategies on Selling Real Estate Online

The challenge is to how to sell from offline to online!
10 A's of Email Marketing
  1. Attitude
  2. Avoid errors
  3. Address all concerns completely
  4. Assure
  5. Ask questions sparingly but effectively
  6. Answer inquiries as soon as possible
  7. Attempt to close
  8. Adjust email settings for maximum effect
  9. Attach pictures properly
  10. Add links to provide more information
2 Biggest Problems for Agents/Brokers 
  1. Need for immediate money for subsistence
  2. Lack of structural learning in real estate
  • Too numerous real estate projects coming up
  • How to effectively work online
  • Teamwork
The fifth speaker for the summit was Mr. Homer Macapagal. He works for CBRE Philippines. He gave us an update about the real estate leasing world of Cebu.

The sixth speaker for the summit was Mr. Bryant William J. Cuizon. He gave us an update about Avida Land, a company of Ayala Land, and about real estate in general.

I will be uploading some videos soon. Please keep posted on this blog. I will also write Day 2 of this blog soon. 

Mang-invest na ta!
(Translation: Let's invest!)

STK ta Bay (Paolitos Seafood House)

There's nothing like home-cooked food! Aside from the fact that it's very delicious, you really feel at home and cozy while dining in STK ta Bay! I've been here for countless times already! Ang sarap talaga ng food nila (Their food really tastes great)! 

Prices may change without prior notice.

Prices may change without prior notice.

Prices may change without prior notice.

Prices may change without prior notice.

Prices may change without prior notice.

Now it's time to let the mouth and eyes do the talking! Yummy photos are here to please you! 

Sizzling Pork Sisig Php 120.00

Caldereta Kanding (Goat) Php 160.00

Tinola Manok Bisaya Php 145.00

Four Seasons Shake

Four Seasons Shake

Four Seasons Shake

Tuna Belly

Chili Chicken Fillet with Herb Coco Cream Php 140.00

Chili Chicken Fillet with Herb Coco Cream Php 140.00

Tuna Belly

Caldereta Kanding (Goat) Php 160.00

Sizzling Lengua Php 130.00

Sizzling Lengua Php 130.00

Plain Rice Platter Php 60.00

Plain Rice Platter Php 60.00

What are you waiting for? Attend to your hunger! Go to STK as soon as possible!

Mangaon ta!
(Translation: Let's eat!)


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