Recently in my life, I was bombarded by a "series of unfortunate events."  I might be exaggerating, but that was how I felt at that time.  "I can get through this," I keep on telling myself.  "Perhaps the photo above can give me a sense of hope."  Then a friend of mine sent me a text message that comforted me.  It was inspiring for me, because it reminded me that I had forgotten the Law of Polarity and the Law of Rhythm.  Before I will explain the two laws I mentioned, let me share to you the text message my friend sent me.

"Most people in this world have jobs and professions, existences that can't fulfill their potential.  The scope of their labor is confined to narrow limits; their toil hinders rather than fosters their growth; they dislike everything about their employment except the sense of security its familiarity has bred in them.  So instead of venturing of what they don't know and might love, they allow themselves to be trapped by what they do know and don't like." -Tom Hopkins-

To my friend who sent me that text message, thank you very much!!!  You know who you are!

The quote above is very much applicable to the 99% of the population of the world.  What could be an evidence that the jobs or professions they are in are hindering them from growth?  Well, if you just spend your life sleeping, waking up, going to work, going home, then sleep again, I guess there's no growth in that.  Unless if you include there doing the things you love, having enough time for yourself, taking time to laugh and play everyday, being so thankful for everything you have, dreaming of bigger dreams than ever before, not limiting yourselves for greatness, giving to charity, spending time to educate yourself continuously (inside or outside school), becoming wealthier and wealthier in every aspect of your life, and so on.  I don't think 99% of the population has those in their daily routine.  As far as I know, it's just the same sleeping, waking up, going to work, going home, then sleeping again cycle that goes on and on for most people.  Are you one of them?  I was one of them.  I am now incorporating in my routine things I have never done before, because I wanted change.  A famous cliche comes into my mind, "If you want change, do something you have never done before."  So if we hear ourselves or others complain about their work and everything bad that comes with it, stop for a while and take some time to think.  Ask yourself, "Is this what I really want with my life?  This job?  Bad gossips about me made by my friends?  Being back-stabbed?  Always being ridiculed?  Fault finding superiors?  My efforts staying unrecognized?"  If your answer to those questions is a big NO, I guess it's time for you to STOP and look for something else.  STOP COMPLAINING.  STOP JUSTIFYING.  STOP BLAMING.  Find your passion.  Do the things you love.  Keep on smiling!  Be happy!  These are just simple things but if you do these everyday, you are bound to greatness, and "you will never have to work a day in your life!"  We don't have to stay trapped with the things we know and don't like.  We deserve only the good things in life.

Let us now talk about one of the hundreds of laws that govern the universe.  The Law of Polarity. This law entails that EVERYTHING that happens to you is GOOD, even if we perceive it as BAD.  Why is it good that bad things happen to us?  There is ALWAYS a REASON why it happens.  That's why.  God allows those kind of things to happen because He wants to become stronger.  He wants us to learn.  He wants us to grow.  He wants us to be perfect and great, just like Him.  Let me give you an example so that you can grasp what I'm trying to say.  John is a typical college graduate.  He applied for a job and was accepted in a sales company, did great, but was not earning well, so he ventured into business.  He opened a restaurant with the help of his friends.  The restaurant boomed so they opened 2 more branches.  Success came and they celebrated almost every day.  John treats his friends for dinner every day.  Then one day, one of his friends stole the money from their business.  Their business slowly went bankrupt.  John now is very depressed and has very little money.  His girlfriend left him.  His family and relatives won't even allow John to borrow money anymore.  Then an opportunity came his way.  Since he was good in writing, he was accepted to work for a certain newspaper company.  He was told to interview all the successful businessmen he can and write the secrets of their success.  Then he interviewed this certain businessman.  John got interested with this businessman so he asked him to teach him how to become wealthy.  To make the very long story short, John became wealthy after being mentored by this businessman.  He now teaches a lot of Filipinos to become wealthy in his series of seminars.  The point of Law of Polarity in this story is that it was good that John experienced bankruptcy, and being left by friends, relatives, and family because in the end, this will allow him to become wealthy and help other people in return.  

The Law of Rhythm.  There is a time when we are up and down.  That's just it.  It's plain and simple.  Life is like a pendulum.  Up and down.  Up and down.  So if we are experiencing frustration, sadness, and worries, it's okay.  Just don't dwell on them.  Don't focus your energy on them.  Have faith that those bad things will pass.  Just remember, when you are down, there's only one way to go and that is up.

My dear brothers and sisters, live a good life, la buena vida!!!


  1. Wow! Thank you Lil' Bro! How are you? Dili na mag-change2x imo address?

  2. all of us have different ways of looking at life. i think that i and most of my friends are not really focused just on our jobs.. i mean we enjoy and we find things that make life worth living. i think that being positive just like what you posted is a good way of taking things. Lets just do our best. God is watching us. ^_^

  3. Thank you for sharing your point of view Ace! Muzta na? ^_^

  4. you post a very inspiring mesage, actually i have gone with the seminar of john calub, that's good that you know it, explore more about him your life will be perfect.

  5. hi dear little sister...good article shanky....make more!it could be one big hit!

  6. Thank you Rachelle! Pareho pala tayong estudyante ni Sir John. Let's join the Firewalk this year! See you on December sa Tagaytay!!! ^_^

  7. Thank you IK! Uli na para maka-waffle ice cream ka. Hehehe!



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