888 Chinatown Square

If you're in Bacolod, this should be one of the places you need to visit.  It literally is the "Divisoria of Bacolod City," and it is air-conditioned!  "Wow!  Ang sosyal naman ng mga taga-Bacolod," I told myself.  You can find all sorts of things here in very affordable prices.  You can also "tawad" or bargain with the prices, especially if you have lots of things to buy.  

In their official website http://www.888bacolod.com/wp/?page_id=2, here's how they described 888 Chinatown Square.

888 CHINATOWN SQUARE is a two-storey wholesale/retail center strategically located at the corner of Gatuslao Street and Cottage Road, (in between Land Bank and Post Office), right in the heart of Bacolod City. Designed to cater to people from all walks of life, 888 Chinatown Square’s primary goal is to provide alternative shopping to our fellow Negrenses during these hard times. 888 Chinatown Square’s 10,000 sq. m. floor area is good for 200 “tiangge” stalls, each with its own mezzanine storage area; 10 fastfood stalls and 4 major restaurants; a supermarket; a playground and Fun Center for children; and a really big parking space all around that is good for over 250 cars. From garments and groceries to car accessories and home appliances – and most everything else in between – 888 CHINATOWN SQUARE is the best place to get quality wares in bulk at wholesale rates, and to purchase your personal items at rock-bottom retail prices.

Before you go inside, visit the dragon dog and touch the ball inside his mouth.

Be careful though.  This dragon dog will bite!

After touching the ball inside the dragon dog's mouth, pass through the revolving screen door.  It was the first time I saw this kind of door with my own eyes (but I have seen lots in the movies though).  After passing through that door, this scene will welcome you!

What you need to do now is SHOP SHOP SHOP!!!

Live a good life, la buena vida!!!

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