Me And My Super Friends

Warning:  This blog is due to yours truly's over-active imagination.  Enjoy!

When Shanky Baby is alone in the ward,
 She is left with nothing but her over-active imagination to keep her company.  
As you can see from the photo above
Mr. Georgie gives her a nice smile, not quite silly.

Then Mr. Georgie's friends came over.
Fiffy, Mutty, and Ida.
All of them came from deep slumber
Just to make Shanky Baby feel yada yada yada!

Then Mr. Georgie and friends came to me and said
"Come Shanky Baby, come, let's have ourselves photographed!"
Then I replied, "Okay okay my fuzzy friend that came not from a sled."
If I replied not, he may have turned around and have me bluffed!

Then my eyes got as round as the sun
And had left Mr. Georgie a question to pun,
"Shanky Baby, have you seen a ghost?"
"No Mr. Georgie," I said.  "I think your chicken is now a roast."

As a line in the Desiderata would say, "Strive to be happy."
Shanky Baby would always say, "Live a good life, la buena vida!"

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