Cafe Maru (Coffee Shop)

Behold the waffle ice cream.
Every bite, as good as a dream.
It is sweetness overload melting your heart.
In your dreams, it never will part!

As a famous song would say, 

"Sweet dreams are made of these.  Who am I to disagree?"

The picture above embodies that line of the song.  Every bite of this delicious waffle ice cream, ah!  It leaves you wanting more and more!

Cafe Maru is indeed a coffee shop deserving for praise.  Aside from the fact that staying in the coffee shop makes you feel relaxed, the food and other services they offer make your every stay as memorable as the first time you came.

This is my second blog about Cafe Maru.  

In addition to the board games, books, and 3D puzzles, here comes JENGA!!!

Jenga is a wood block game.  It was the first one I grabbed when we arrived there.  It is really fun!


Such a cute winged cow!!!

This was our first try.  Not that bad, eh!

When we tried it the third time, here's how our Jenga ended up.

There's always a reason why regular customers keep on coming back.  The way it makes you relax is the main reason.  The cozy coffee shop is not that big and that small so it gives you a sense of privacy.  The cute decor adds to its sense of cheerfulness and cuteness.  As for me, it was the waffle ice cream that I have been craving for almost a month that gave me a reason why I should go there as soon as possible.  When we finally had the free time, we grabbed the opportunity to taste heaven on a plate, the Cafe Maru Waffle Ice Cream!!!

Cafe Maru Waffle Ice Cream!!!

Cafe Maru Waffle Ice Cream!!!

Cafe Maru Waffle Ice Cream!!!

Cafe Maru Waffle Ice Cream!!!

The perfect partner for your delicious Cafe Maru Waffle Ice Cream is coffee!!!  Good thing Cafe Maru offers yummy coffee to complement the Waffle Ice Cream.  We ordered Cafe Americano and Capuccino with a hint of cinnamon!  So yummy!!!

Cafe Americano

Capuccino with a hint of cinnamon

Cafe Americano and Capuccino with a hint of cinnamon

Have you ever wondered why you feel guarded and safe when you stay here?  Here's the reason why.

Me keep you safe.  Me Cafe Maru Gorilla!

I was wondering how my Lovely Little Sunshine Lion was doing.  I found him in perfect condition still!!!  He has found new friends too!!!



Cafe Maru is surrounded by a lot of cute stuff.  You will have fun looking around.  As for me, I was looking above and under the tables and chairs and found some delightful things!

Please return!!!

Polaroid days!

Lovely seashells!

My shy Little Panda Bear!

Mr. and Mrs. Smuff makes you wanna wash your hands and dry 'em more often!!!

Coffee beans in a bag.  Awww!  Sooo cute!

I'm a robot!  RAWR!!!

Message corkboard

Bunny on a teapot!!!

My Dear James enjoying Cafe Maru!

You can't get 'em off the wall!!!

My sunburnt Little Panda Bear beside the electrical outlet.

Aha!!!  Why aren't you in North Pole little Santa Elf?!?!



Cafe Maru is made with love.  Why did I say this?

It is because we can feel that it is made with love!!!

It's like a HAPPY BIRTHDAY moment here everyday!!!

It's like a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" moment here everyday!!!

So don't just go to any other coffee shop guys.  Make it a habit that you go to Cafe Maru!!!   The address is Gov. M. Cuenco Street, Banilad, Cebu City (across Sto. NiƱo Village).  Telephone numbers are 0927-520-2891 and 032-239-7909. 

Here's how the cafe looks from the outside.

An elf bringing forth light in your dark path.


Regular customers get special coupons every now and then just like this one.

Live a good life, la buena vida!!!

Mangaon ta!
(Translation: Let's eat!)


  1. Wala nako kabalik didto. Pila mana ilang waffle ice cream? :)

  2. Hi Chy! Php 195 ra. Kung nahan ka nga naay coffee (Americano), Php 250 ra Chy. You should go back there. Lami jud kaayo ang waffle ice cream! Hehehe! ^_^

  3. naa silay meals didto shankee?

  4. Wala ra ba Ross. Coffee lang og pastries. Pang-chill ra man gud siya na place. Not necessarily for eating meals. Hehe!



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