Rexidol Forte, Pain Relief Pill at an Affordable Price

We all know that Filipinos are hardworking, and pain may result if this trait is overused.  If ever you have severe headache, fever (hilanat), body pain (sakit sa lawas), bughat (body pain terminology mostly used by women during their menstruation), and other ailments, you need not to worry.  

UNILAB Consumer Health introduces reformulated REXIDOL FORTE, their fast, effective, and long-lasting relief medicine for pain.  Rexidol Forte is truly affordable because suggested retail price is Php 3.75This product has been endorsed by one of Vismin's beloved radio commentators, Mr. Bobby Nalzaro.

Why is Rexidol Forte reformulated?  Instead using the old formulation, they mixed 500 mg Paracetamol and 65 mg Caffeine.  Why on earth did they use caffeine?  It is because caffeine hastens Paracetamol absorption, performs very well in pain relief, and has a longer lasting effect compared to its competitors.  You don't have to worry if you are a coffee junkie because the caffeine content of each tablet is much lesser compared to the caffeine content of one sachet of 3-in-1 coffee or one bottle of soft drink.

Did you know that one of its competitors include Propyphenazone as one of the key ingredients in their formulation?  Propyphenazone is actually banned in 4 countries like Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand. It is also regulated in 9 countries and restricted in 5 countries because of known serious adverse effects.

The recommended dose of Rexidol Forte is 1-2 tablets (for children 12 years old and above as well as adults) every 6 hours as needed (when the symptoms mentioned above are experienced) or as prescribed by your physician.

Always remember, do ample research before ingesting a certain drug.  Make sure that what you will be taking doesn't have ingredients that are deleterious to your health.  


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