When My Mum Forced Me to Cook

From this day forth, I shall call you Honey Spiced Ground Pork Surprise!

Last October 15, 2012, I just woke up late afternoon when my Mum told me to cook lunch and dinner. I wasn't even fully-awake at that time! The crazy part is...... I am not fond of cooking. I am good at eating but never fond of preparing the food. I had no choice at that time because my Mum was physically exhausted. She told me what to cook then she went to bed to get some rest.

She told me to cook the ground pork in the fridge. Amazingly, even though I received not step by step lessons on how to cook a dish like it, I just trusted my intuition. 

I checked the fridge and found the ground pork, sleeping on its own grease. Then I also checked the vegetable compartment and found a big slice of squash, 2 big carrots, spring onions, and a half-cut onion. It was all I could find there.

After I took the pork from the fridge, I washed it thoroughly. After washing, I mixed white pepper powder, half tablespoon of salt, half tablespoon of sugar, and approximately five tablespoons of soy sauce to the pork as marinade. Then I sliced the carrots and squash into small cubes, as well as the onions.

I heated the pan then heated the canola oil, then I sauteed the onions. After that, I placed the marinated ground pork. After it was half-cooked, I placed all the veggies. I stirred as many times as I could. I felt like adding more white pepper powder and honey, so I did. Then more stirring was done again. I actually did not calculate how much time I spent on the cooking. I was just looking at the meat if it seemed cooked or something else. When my intuition told me to taste it, I did. Boy! It was a bit sweet and spicy! It was perfect!

After cooking, I placed it on an immaculate white plate. I was surprised to see that my dish was very colorful and so yummy to look at! I called my Mum to taste it. She told me it tasted good! She even told me to cook the next day! Then I reacted silently on my mind, "I shouldn't have made it yummy at all!" Hahahahaha! (Sana hindi ko na lang sinarapan ang luto ko!)

Hindi ko pinangarap magluto! Gusto ko lang kumain! (I did not wish to cook! All I want is to eat!)

From this day forth, I shall call you Honey Spiced Ground Pork Surprise!

From this day forth, I shall call you Honey Spiced Ground Pork Surprise!


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