16 Visayan Beauties Aspire for the Chance to Win Miss Philippines Earth 2013

Last March 9, the SM Activity Center was filled with beauty queens, as 16  of them vied for the most coveted spot for the Visayas regional screening of Miss Philippines Earth 2013.

The beautiful host was none other than Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry. 

It was very timely because the summer season is on, and the 16 ladies surely made the stage sizzling. The hunt for the most well-rounded beauty has indeed already begun. The committee is on the search for the perfect woman with the astonishing combination of allurement, skills, environmental campaign, grace, and drawing power. The winner will end up with the fame and fortune all the beauty queen aspirants have always longed for.

Miss Philippines Earth is unlike most beauty pageants because aside from physical beauty, love and concern for mother nature are also a big considerations in choosing the rightful candidate who will rightfully win the crown. The victor will end up as the ambassador for Miss Earth Foundation, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), other assemblies and ultimately, as a representative for the Miss Earth international championship.

The first leg of the pageant was hosted by SM. While the contestants wowed the audience with their catwalk and cocktail dresses, they also carried with them an SM Greenbag in support for SM Food Group's M.O.B. or MyOwnBag which aims to advocate reusing of bags during shopping or doing of groceries.

A total of 16 contestants performed with the hopes of garnering the highest scores, ranging from singing to dancing. After the performances, the most-awaited portion of every beauty pageant commenced. Questions about environmental issues were asked and the candidates handled them with the best that they could at that time.

The regional winners who will make it to the big day on May 19, 2013 will be informed individually. By that moment, they'd have to do more than the best that they managed during the regional screening. I wish them all the best. Beauty and brains is not enough nowadays. The crown bearer must have the guts to pursue environment nurturing.

For more photos of Miss Philippines Earth 2013 Visayas Screening, visit my Facebook Page here.

AllMyTea is Goodness in a Bottle

AllMyTea is a mix of everything that's good for you and your health. It is a medley of real brewed tea, real calamansi juice, orange squeeze, sugar, water and vanilla extract. What do you get after mixing all these stuff? A much healthier tea concoction is what you will get as compared to the tea and health drinks being offered in the market today, most of which have very commercialized taste. Too commercialized that it doesn't even taste healthy at all. All I can taste is too much sugar!

I am a vegetarian junkie. I am not 100% raw vegan though. I love all things vegan and healthy, so when AllMyTea was launched, I was so glad to hear about it.

Since AllMyTea is made up of real brewed tea, we get the same health benefits just as drinking tea all by itself. Tea actually lowers blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and risk of hypertension. It also bars certain cancers, improves our body's immune system, and stall Alzheimer's disease. It may help those with AIDS because it also boosts the immune system.

How is AllMyTea available to the market? It's actually available in concentrate (500 mL and 2 L) and Ready-to-Drink (500 mL and 350 mL).

Concentrate (500 mL and 2 L) 
Ready-to-Drink (500 mL and 350 mL)
Storing your AllMyTea bottles is just a snap. Keep your Ready-to-Drink in the fridge to maintain its freshness. Concentrates can be kept at room temperature but must be stored in the fridge after opening. In that way, freshness and quality is maintained.

With regards to the safety of AllMyTea, we are rest assured because strict application of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes through the use of SSOP or Sanitation Standard Procedure) have been implemented while on the process of documentation is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Marventure Corp., the company who is responsible for giving us AllMyTea, is already approved by BFAD with License to Operate No, RDII-MM-F-3326.

If you are wondering what kind of tea they are using, choose from the 3 kinds and take a good guess: black, green, oolong. Which of the 3 is fully-fermented, fully oxidized, and has the strongest flavor? It's black tea! 

There are many ways to serve AllMyTea Iced Tea. You can have AllMyTea as a Foamy Frapped Iced Tea, Iced Tea Shake or as a Cocktail Base.

To make a Cocktail, prepare 200 mL of AllMyTea Concentrate then mix it with water (1 to 5 dilution) and also prepare 1 jigger of Belvedere Vodka. Mix them together and put some ice cubes to achieve the best result.

I am very sure that you want to grab your very own AllMyTea now so I will not prolong your agony. Head on to Cafe De France Robinsons, Japengo Japanese Restaurant, Wine and Dine, and Popeye's Grill House. AllMyTea will soon be available in other restaurants and schools near you!

Senpur Trading is the exclusive distributor of AllMyTea Iced Tea in Cebu. They are proudly Cebuano and they provide safe and quality products that is within our budget! Contact Senpur Trading for more inquiries and bulk orders.

Stacy Rubie Senor Purugganan (General Manager of Senpur Trading)
Langtad, Naga, Cebu 6037
Telefax: +63 (032) 236-5379
Mobile: +63 916 464 7560
E-mail: senpur.trading@gmail.com

Ultimate Special Overload Pizza Now Better Than Ever

Being the Philippines' most favorite pizza chain, Greenwich always looks for ways to set high standards in improving their sumptuous pizzas and pastas thus, making the Ultimate Special Overload Pizza premium-tasting while staying pocket-friendly, a way a pizza should be!

"Greenwich's Ultimate Special Overload tops the list of Greenwich pizzas. It has practically everything any pizza lover can ask for," shares Lulu De Castro, Greenwich Senior Marketing Manager.

The Ultimate Special Overload Pizza is a smorgasbord of everything mouthwatering, which renders anyone who savor its ambrosial goodness practically helpless, helpless in not wanting for more and more!

13 delectable toppings make the Ultimate Special Overload Pizza a notch higher than any other pizza in the market. The savory pizza is a myriad of delectable ingredients: pepperoni, salami, beef slices, and bacon. Fresh mushroom, minced garlic, onion, olives, red and green bell pepper complement the already star-studded marriage of toppings.

Pineapple chunks, mozzarella and cheddar cheese consummates the pizza masterpiece. Served fresh and hot everyday, the crust is crisp outside but soft and chewy in the inside.

No barkada celebration will ever be complete without the Greenwich Ultimate Special Overload Pizza. It is reasonably prized and is a perfect center of attention on any gathering. NO wonder it is 3x preferred by pizza lovers in the Philippines as compared to other pizza brands.

"The Ultimate Special Overload Pizza gives fans a strong reason to love Greenwich. It appeals to the Filipino taste buds and at the same time it is also a sumptuous treat fo the whole barkada with its unparalleled overloaded and mouth-watering toppings," shares De Castro.

Have your Greenwich's Ultimate Special Overload pizza delivered right in your home in Cebu by calling 254-1000.

John Lloyd Cruz loves Greenwich's Ultimate Special Overload pizza.

Ultimate Hawaiian Overload will Make You Crazy

Hawaiian goodness overload will surely make you crazy; crazy for more! We are talking about Greenwich's Ultimate Hawaiian Overload, one of the bestsellers of the biggest pizza chain in the Philippines. Filipinos love pizza and it is evident in the fact that they can't get enough of the better-than-ever pizzas of Greenwich and the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload is no exception.

"We have a great-tasting product and we want to share this with our customers. The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza gives this popular flavor a new twist. As this is the favorite of Filipinos, Greenwich has made the Hawaiian pizza experience better than any other," shares Melo Cel Javelosa, Greenwich brand manager.

Why do Filipinos love The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza? Let us decode the mystery word by word. Filipinos love to get the best out of anything so they will never settle for anything less but  the "Ultimate." "Hawaiian" connotes the laid back life of the tropics which we Filipinos enjoy a lot. As mentioned earlier, since the Filipinos want to get the best out of anything, an "Overload" of something good is never out of the question. Then we got the word "Pizza" which the word by itself will make Filipinos gaga! Filipinos really love pizza!

What makes the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza "ultimate" and "overloaded?" If one kind of cheese is not enough, Greenwich mixed 2 kinds of it to make your pizza experience more cheesier. Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese together with glazed pineapples, ham, and bacon are being combined together. Once the pizza gets into your mouth, the crust is crisp-on-the-outside-yet-soft-and-chewy-on-the-inside. The great thing about Greenwich is that they make their pizzas fresh everyday so you can be assured that you will get the best out of very delightful bite.

Greenwich always search for ways to make their pizzas satisfying to the Filipino palate. The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza will leave you wanting for more!

Have your Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza delivered right through your doorstep in Cebu by calling 254-1000. 

Mika Lagdameo, Lloyd Zaragosa, John Lloyd Cruz, and Cebu's Vince Canizares are the Greenwich Pizza endorsers.

Your Favorite Greenwich Lasagna Supreme Now Made Even Better

Greenwich, the leading pizza and pasta hashery in the Philippines, introduces their new Greenwich Lasagna Supreme. Why is it made even better? The noodles is now thicker! The meat sauce, which is marriage of 3 types of cheese and creamy white sauce, is now chunkier! Don't forget, you still get the 1 piece Garlic Stix on the side.

The good news doesn't stop there! Since Greenwich loves people to be part of their everyday lives by celebrating life's "Best In" Moments, they made the Greenwich Lasagna Supreme more friendlier to the pocket. For only Php 79, you can enjoy lasagna in a snack size portion while Php 99 will let you enjoy lasagna in a full size portion. (Prices indicated here are for information dissemination purposes only and may change without any prior notice. )

Finally, you can enjoy special moments with the whole barkada everyday! You don't have to wait for special occasions to celebrate anymore! Make your "Best In" moments the best by visiting the nearest Greenwich by indulging in one of their premium products. The Greenwich Lasagna Supreme will now be your barkada's favorite!

Solenn Heusaff, Anne Curtis, and Kelly Misa are the Greenwich Pasta Endorsers and they definitely enjoy life's "Best In" moments with the newly-improved Greenwich Lasagna Supreme.

Solenn Heusaff, Anne Curtis, and Kelly Misa are the Greenwich Pasta Endorsers and they definitely enjoy life's "Best In" moments with the newly-improved Greenwich Lasagna Supreme.


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