Ultimate Hawaiian Overload will Make You Crazy

Hawaiian goodness overload will surely make you crazy; crazy for more! We are talking about Greenwich's Ultimate Hawaiian Overload, one of the bestsellers of the biggest pizza chain in the Philippines. Filipinos love pizza and it is evident in the fact that they can't get enough of the better-than-ever pizzas of Greenwich and the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload is no exception.

"We have a great-tasting product and we want to share this with our customers. The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza gives this popular flavor a new twist. As this is the favorite of Filipinos, Greenwich has made the Hawaiian pizza experience better than any other," shares Melo Cel Javelosa, Greenwich brand manager.

Why do Filipinos love The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza? Let us decode the mystery word by word. Filipinos love to get the best out of anything so they will never settle for anything less but  the "Ultimate." "Hawaiian" connotes the laid back life of the tropics which we Filipinos enjoy a lot. As mentioned earlier, since the Filipinos want to get the best out of anything, an "Overload" of something good is never out of the question. Then we got the word "Pizza" which the word by itself will make Filipinos gaga! Filipinos really love pizza!

What makes the Ultimate Hawaiian Overload pizza "ultimate" and "overloaded?" If one kind of cheese is not enough, Greenwich mixed 2 kinds of it to make your pizza experience more cheesier. Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese together with glazed pineapples, ham, and bacon are being combined together. Once the pizza gets into your mouth, the crust is crisp-on-the-outside-yet-soft-and-chewy-on-the-inside. The great thing about Greenwich is that they make their pizzas fresh everyday so you can be assured that you will get the best out of very delightful bite.

Greenwich always search for ways to make their pizzas satisfying to the Filipino palate. The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza will leave you wanting for more!

Have your Ultimate Hawaiian Overload Pizza delivered right through your doorstep in Cebu by calling 254-1000. 

Mika Lagdameo, Lloyd Zaragosa, John Lloyd Cruz, and Cebu's Vince Canizares are the Greenwich Pizza endorsers.

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