Ultimate Special Overload Pizza Now Better Than Ever

Being the Philippines' most favorite pizza chain, Greenwich always looks for ways to set high standards in improving their sumptuous pizzas and pastas thus, making the Ultimate Special Overload Pizza premium-tasting while staying pocket-friendly, a way a pizza should be!

"Greenwich's Ultimate Special Overload tops the list of Greenwich pizzas. It has practically everything any pizza lover can ask for," shares Lulu De Castro, Greenwich Senior Marketing Manager.

The Ultimate Special Overload Pizza is a smorgasbord of everything mouthwatering, which renders anyone who savor its ambrosial goodness practically helpless, helpless in not wanting for more and more!

13 delectable toppings make the Ultimate Special Overload Pizza a notch higher than any other pizza in the market. The savory pizza is a myriad of delectable ingredients: pepperoni, salami, beef slices, and bacon. Fresh mushroom, minced garlic, onion, olives, red and green bell pepper complement the already star-studded marriage of toppings.

Pineapple chunks, mozzarella and cheddar cheese consummates the pizza masterpiece. Served fresh and hot everyday, the crust is crisp outside but soft and chewy in the inside.

No barkada celebration will ever be complete without the Greenwich Ultimate Special Overload Pizza. It is reasonably prized and is a perfect center of attention on any gathering. NO wonder it is 3x preferred by pizza lovers in the Philippines as compared to other pizza brands.

"The Ultimate Special Overload Pizza gives fans a strong reason to love Greenwich. It appeals to the Filipino taste buds and at the same time it is also a sumptuous treat fo the whole barkada with its unparalleled overloaded and mouth-watering toppings," shares De Castro.

Have your Greenwich's Ultimate Special Overload pizza delivered right in your home in Cebu by calling 254-1000.

John Lloyd Cruz loves Greenwich's Ultimate Special Overload pizza.


  1. Mmm. I have to try this Ultimate Special Overload. Last time I ate pizza was in Pizza Hut. I have also gone to Greenwich and eaten their pizza. Comparing the two, I go for Greenwich. :-)

    1. Go Sir Nonoy! Enjoy their best-ever pizzas! ^_^



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