How To Get NBI Clearance in Cebu City

Please read the latest system of getting NBI Clearance at the bottom-most portion of this blog. Thank you.

I think everybody needs an NBI clearance. Whether it's for local or overseas employment and complying a PRC requirement, every Filipino needs to have an updated NBI clearance.

As for me, I need NBI clearance so that I can start processing my license. I went to NBI in Robinson's Cybergate today. I had a great day processing it (the optimistic side of me wants to say)!


1. Determine if you really need it because it takes a lot of effort to get it.
2. Determine the reasons why you need to get it (local employment, overseas employment, PRC requirement, etc).
3. Determine how many copies you need to get.
4. Prepare the requirements. Prepare money. Each copy is Php 115.00. Bring BLACK BALL PEN! Please bring 1 valid government ID, like PRC license, SSS ID, driver's license, and etc. In the absence of a valid ID, please bring any of the following:
  • Police Clearance
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO
  • Unexpired passport
  • E1 from SSS
5. Once you have already decided to get it, sleep early because you need to go to Robinson's Cybergate (across Chong Hua Hospital) early in the morning. 
6. Upon waking up early, please take a shower! Some of the people who went in line did not take a shower. I was sleepy until I was able to smell their aromas. It was a wake upper!
7. Don't forget to bring the requirements! Don't be like me! I went early but I did not bring any requirements!
8. Please be at Robinson's Cybergate by 4 AM onwards. If you will be there by 6 AM, chances are, you are already number 50 onwards on the list. I got there by 5 AM.
9. Look for the security guard who is in charge of the list. You need to write your name on that list and the ID you will be presenting. Please remember what your number is on the list. I was priority number 6.
10. Ask the security guard about the time when the priority numbers will be distributed. We were told to take our breakfast and be back by 8 AM for the distribution of the priority numbers. In reality, the priority numbers were distributed to us by 9 AM. No matter how boring or how long you will be waiting, please do not stay away from the waiting place near the entrance of Robinson's Cybergate (the one near Malayan Insurance) because if the NBI personnel is already calling the names on the list and you were not present, the priority number will be given to someone else. Don't be like the girl who went berserk when her priority number was given to someone else. She did not follow the instructions. She went back at 9:30 AM. What does she expect? A special treatment perhaps? She made a scene. She raised her concerns and voice to the security guard. The NBI personnel decided not to give her the priority number 7 because it was the just thing to do. She was teary eyed. She only made a fool out of herself. I felt sorry for her, but in my opinion, she shouldn't have made a scene. She should have approached them in a nice way instead.
11. Bring a lot of patience!!! I mean it!!!
12. Bring a piece of paper for you to sit on, like a big page of newspaper or magazine. You will be waiting for a long time before you will be allowed inside Robinson's Cybergate. I was standing from 5 AM to 10 AM. Imagine my varicose veins who were shouting for help. Hahaha! Bring your cellphones or gadgets or books to entertain you for the long wait.
13. Be alert by 9 AM. The NBI personnel will be calling the names on the list and give you the priority number. Once he calls your name, go to him immediately! Take care of your priority number. If it's gone, you're also gone! I'm not joking!
14. Please make a nice straight line if possible.
15. By 10 AM, the security guard will be escorting you to the NBI office by stairs.
16. You will be asked to sit down in correct order (priority numbers).
17. You will be asked to prepare your valid government ID. If you have none, prepare these instead:
  • Police Clearance
  • Authenticated Birth Certificate from NSO
  • Unexpired passport
  • E1 from SSS
 18. A form will be distributed. Please don't fill them out yet! You will be filling them out together! Don't forget to only use BLACK BALL PEN!
19. Listen to the NBI personnel who will guide you in filling out the form. Simply follow her instructions!
20. After filling out the form, prepare your payment. They will tell you what you need to do next. 
21. If possible, please bring the exact amount of Php 115.00.
22. After paying, give the receipt to step 2. Look at the screen to check if the encoder did not misspell any of your information. 
23. After the encoding, proceed to step 3. Your photo and fingerprints will be taken.
24. After taking your photo and fingerprints, you will be told to wait on the next step to get your NBI clearance. If you are a "HIT" just like me, you will be told to come back in two weeks to get your NBI clearance. Keep your receipt because you need to show it to get your NBI clearance.

The whole process was less than 30 minutes! I was amazed on how fast the process was, unlike before. The only thing that was very dragging was the waiting time though. I appreciate NBI's efforts to make the process of getting NBI clearance fast. I am hoping they are going to make improvements about the waiting time. 

This signage was just across from where I was standing the whole time. Nothing really beats the NATURAL HIGH!

Fuente Rotunda on the background

Crown Regency Hotels Cebu on the background

Crown Regency Hotels Cebu on the background


Photo from the World Wide Web


Listing your names on the paper used to be the old way. Now, you really have to come early and join the line. You cannot go out of the line anymore until priority numbers are distributed, unless you want to cancel the processing of your NBI clearance for that day. So I suggest bring food, drinks, and a hobby to keep you occupied. You will be waiting for many hours until Cybergate will be opened. Make your patience long and you'll go places!


  1. Thanks for this very informative blog! Im going to get my nbi clearance on Monday,i should be there early! 5:00Am i guess haha

    1. Hi NikkiBien Payne! I got there too at 5 AM, still sleepy and longing for the comforts of my bed. LOL! Enjoy getting your NBI Clearance! Reward yourself with a warm brownie cup after the processing! ^_^

  2. I've read a few blogs on this, and most of them were advising to go there by 9 AM. Haha! Well, your blog post is more realistic. Gosh, Goodnight! gonna be queuing early 5 AM. >_<

  3. who knows the landline number of NBI cybergate ?? Can I have it?



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