Fuerza de San Pedro (Fort San Pedro) and Plaza Independencia PART 1

I love history. When I was still in school, it was one of my favorite subjects and I would love to memorize bits and bits or whole chapters of information about it. When it comes to matters about Spain, I just wondered why I did not learn to hate them even if history tells me that Filipinos were mistreated by them. It was just a few years ago that I realized that Spanish blood runs through my veins so I finally can relate to the saying "Blood is thicker than water."

One way to get a trip back to Spanish memory lane is to visit the Fort San Pedro. It is located near Pier 1 and is just beside Malacanang sa Sugbo and South Reclamation Project. I like the new look of the Plaza Independencia. It makes the Fort San Pedro look more beautiful. I hate to say this but I think our taxes was spent wisely in the beautification project of Plaza Independencia. 

Order of Augustinian Recollects

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Ferdinand Magellan


Old Cannon

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Miguel Lopez de Legazpi

Manuroy ta!
(Translation: Let's travel!)

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