Panglao Island Rest House

Blue blue blue
It's all you you you!
So blissful and true!

This place used to be the rest house of then-Senator Raul Roco.  It's just a long walk away from Bohol Beach Club and Dumaluan Beach Club of Panglao Island in Bohol, Philippines.  I don't who owns this now, but I sure want to come back.

The sky and the sea

The sky and the sea!

The sky and the sea!

Stone and sand

Brick road ain't yellow my friend

Green green grass of home

Green green grass of home

These fellas look very nice together!

My feet and Psyche's feet


My tsinelas


Cool parade of wood, eh?

I arranged them again!

Shanky Baby

Ang langit og ang dagat

Ang akong mga tsinelas

I arranged the seashells for the second time!

Maam Anne Bato, andito ba you?  Hehehe!

Coconut shade

Shanky Baby looking at the cool low tide in a hammock

I want to go back here!  Wanna join me?

Live a good life, la buena vida!

Bohol Beach Club

Sand, sea, and sky,
There's more to these than meets the eye.
Soulful, relaxing, and true,
They can kick the blue out of you!

This is what you call PARADISE!  Just look at the photo!  Blue sky, white sand, blue sea, green coconut trees.  It's a myriad of colors!  You deserve to be here!

It's very easy to go to Bohol Beach Club.  From the pier, you can hire a van for rent to take you there.  From the airport, you can also do the same.  If you brought your own car or motorcycle from a RORO port, just ask for directions from the locals.  They are very eager to help you.  If you'll ask me for directions, here's how I'll say it.  Go first to St. Joseph's Cathedral then you can go further to the little road that's near the sea.  It will lead you to the bridge that will send you to Panglao Island, and your road trip will be on the right side of the island, or you can go to the much bigger road, the highway, which will lead you to the bigger bridge, and your road trip will be at the left side of the island.   You will know that you all ready reached the road that leads to the bigger bridge because there is a gasoline station at the very corner of it.  Then as you drive further, you will see Ramirez Cakes and Pastries.  Don't forget to buy their torta!  It's very delicious!  Then just go straight ahead until you see the street sign BOHOL BEACH CLUB.  Hehehe!  It's very easy to get there.  There's only one road so you won't get lost at all.

Once you get there, take your shoes off and run and bask in the sun!

Don't forget to drink coconut juice while your sitting under the cottage by the shore!

Live a good life, la buena vida!

Bittersweet Pastry Shop

After a hard day's night at work
It's time to chill and relax.
We ain't got no time to smirk
So relax and relax and relax!

If you want a coffee shop that is cozy and comfortable, you might want to consider this place.  It's just right across Cebu Doctors University Hospital, right beside Manila Foodshoppe, and a few steps away from Bo's Coffee too.  I enjoyed my stay here even though I was alone because I wanted to have a peaceful time after my stressful day at work.  I'm a coffee shop junkie as you can see, hopping from one coffee shop to another. If you have recommendations where I should go next, please feel free to write me on the comment box.  As of now, let's focus on Bittersweet Pastry Shop.

Oreo Cheesecake

Oreo Frappe

Oreo Cheesecake and Oreo Frappe

The place looks nice, eh?  If you liked it, you know where to go.  See you there!

Live a good life, la buena vida!


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