Ten Dove Street (Restaurant) Part 2

If you enjoyed part 1 of this blog, I hope you'll enjoy part 2.  This part will include photos of the interior design of 10 Dove Street as well as wacky photos of me and James.

The exterior of 10 Dove Street is so cute.  The interior too is so cute.  The restaurant only has 4-6 tables, which makes it cozy but it's enough for you to move around anyway and not feel constricted, like a prey on a water boa.  Hehehe!!!  The decorations on the tables and wall complement the white paint of the interior.  The whole place is so clean.  You won't see any cockroaches there unlike some restaurants we've tried.    The staff too is friendly so you would really feel relaxed while dining there.  Here are some photos.

The table at the back was where we first had dinner in 10 Dove Street last Valentine's Day.

This is a view from the inside to the neighbors across the road.

This is a view from the inside to the neighbors across the road.


This is the staff counter.

This is the staff counter.

A simple table arrangement makes you enjoy your food more!!!

This is a view from the inside to the greenery by the door.

Salt and Pepper

I like nice silverware!!!

While we were waiting for the food to be served, we were given Bread Stix to munch on.  We grabbed the opportunity to make fun of ourselves and goof around.  Hehehe!

Sleepy Walrus

Yours truly is a peace-loving vampyre!!!
I was so "lihok" at that time.  I went from table to table and  inside to outside and taking photographs.  Hehehehe!  While I was outside, I took this photo.

Bawal ang paparazzi!!!

Want more wacky photos?  Hehehe!  Here's more!!!



This photo was inspired by the movie Pan's Labyrinth!!!

Don't be fooled!  He's not trying to be picky on his salad!!!  Hehehe!

Hahahaha!  Bleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

This Ube Cake will surely make anyone nuts!!!  It's so delicious!!!

Gerry Marsden's autograph on my mini Union Jack placed on my Dear's forehead.  Hehe!

Gerry Marsden's autograph on my CD!!!  Hehehehe!

Yours truly likes United Kingdom ever since she was a kid!!!

James and I had a great time here.  I hope you'll try their place soon.  You won't regret it.  Parking space is not a problem.  They don't cater to reservations.  I will ask for their contact number when we'll come back there.  Don't forget to savor their food and enjoy the time you'll spend with your friends or loved one there!!!

Watch out for my next blog.  Thank you very much!!!  ^_^

Ten Dove Street (Restaurant) Part 1

Are you one of those who want to enjoy a eating out with your friends or loved ones on a restaurant that is not overcrowded?  Are you one of those who want to eat in a place not exposed to the bustling streets of Cebu?  Are you one of those who want to dine out in a cool, calm, and cozy restaurant?  Do you want your food to taste so good but you don't have to pay that much?  If your answer is YES to all of these questions, you are in luck because there's a restaurant in Cebu that caters to those kind of customers......  10 Dove Street.

This restaurant was recommended to me by my close friend, Richel Gomez and her sister, Chyrel Gomez, who are also fellow food junkies and food trippers like me.  They said all-nice things about this restaurant so I was very curious and excited to taste their food.

The first time I was able to try their food was February 14, 2011.  It was obviously Valentine's Day.  Hehehe!  My boyfriend, Christopher Ngosiok, asked me to have a date with him here.  It was a special day so the place was quite full when we arrived.  We had to wait for less than 30 minutes to be allowed inside.  It was worth all the wait because the food that was served was so delicious!!!  On special occasions, they serve food in buffet style which costs around Php 300+ and they don't serve food that is usually found in all-you-can-eat buffets.  I forgot the names of the food but all I can remember is how delicious the food was.  You will surely say, "Oh my God!"  Hehehe!  I did say that in the privacy of my own mind.  I was in a hurry for my night shift duty so I wasn't able to take photos of the food we ate, so we planned to come back.

We came back to 10 Dove Street last August 5, 2011.  I can never forget this date.  This date is one of the most memorable in my lifetime because I was able to meet one of the personalities I look up to.  I was able to meet, chat, hug, and kiss Gerry Marsden of Gerry and the Pacemakers.  I was so "super kilig" that even after we met him, I was still trembling and overwhelmed while having breakfast+lunch+dinner at 10 Dove Street.  I could still smell Gerry's perfume on my jacket and I would be "super kilig" upon smelling it again and again.  Hahahaha!!!  This time, I had all the luxury to take photos because at that time, we were the only customers.  Hehehe!  Solong-solo namin ang place!!!  Hahaha!  Good food!  Good time!  Good life!


It is located in Sto. Nino Village, Banilad, Cebu City.  You can walk from the guard house to the restaurant but I recommend that you just take your car or ride a taxi on your way there if you don't want to be sweaty when you arrive.  The guard will tell you where to turn so you'll arrive to your destination in no time.


Once your car or taxi have turned left from the entrance of Dove Street, you will see house number 10 with a cute box-shaped space beside it.  Here are some photos.

What a cute place!!!

Once you've seen these with your own two eyes, you'll know you're in the right place!  What's left for you to do now?  Go and get inside immediately!!!


As what was written on the cover of the menu, you can savor their gourmet sandwiches in either white bread or wheat bread and you get to choose your soup, salad, and a slice of their scrumptious cake, all for Php 190.00!!!  I've photographed the menu for your convenience.


For our salad, we tried Finding Nemo and Chicken Mango.  For our sandwiches, we tried Maharanee.  For our soup, we tried French Onion and Chicken & Asparagus.  For our cakes, we tried Ube and Fruit Medley.  For our drinks, we had Sola Apple Green Tea and Sola Lemon Iced Tea.  While waiting for your orders, you will be served bread stix to munch on.  All of them are so delicious!!!  Take my word for it!!!  Here are photos of food.

Bread Stix

French Onion
Chicken & Asparagus
Finding Nemo
Chicken Mango
Ube Cake
I never thought Ube Cake would taste very good!!!  10 Dove Street made me like ube in a cake!!!
Fruit Medley Cake

Sola Apple Green Tea and Sola Lemon Iced Tea

Decadence Cake

Those pictures look yummy, but they'll taste even yummier once you'll try them yourselves.  Go ahead.  Treat yourselves with delicious sandwiches, salads, cakes, and soup.  Go to Ten Dove Street!!!

This concludes part 1 of my food trip in Ten Dove Street.  Part 2 will include photos of the interiors and some funny photos of me and James while dining in Ten Dove Street.

Thank you for viewing my blog!  ^_^


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