Of Going Nuts and Blogging Hiatus

For the past months, I have been on a blogging hiatus. Last time I posted something on my blog was back in May, when all things were breezy and sunny!

Then August came and changed the course of things. I was not expecting something that would radically alter my senses.

Why I Went on Blogging Hiatus

Two days before Ironman Philippines started last August, my beloved grandfather died. As if that incident was not heart-breaking enough, my online employer decided to stop his online website business so I got out of work at the same day.

Surprisingly, I just went on like nothing happened. Saturday came along and I went to Lapu-Lapu City to cover the Ironman triathlon.

I wasn't able to get a decent sleep the night before the race started. During the entire day, I was exposed to the harsh elements of the sea wind, scorching heat of the sun, and thirst.

At the end of the day, I ended up very tired. When me and my friends were on our way home, I rode a taxi from a famous local mall.

I asked the taxi driver if he had change for a thousand peso bill and answered that he had none so instead of dropping me to my house, I told him to send me off a a milk tea shop near our house.

I left my paper bag  but brought my sling bag with me when I went inside the milk tea shop to buy milk tea and get smaller bills for my one thousand pesos. After the staff of the shop gave me the change, I went back to the taxi cab and gave the driver my taxi fare.

After I handed him the money, I went to the bag to grab the paper bag that I intentionally left. I went back inside the milk tea shop to wait for my order then I suddenly realized that I left my other bag inside the taxi, the one with my boyfriend's camera and my video camera.

I hurriedly went out the shop and tried to catch my taxi which was about a few meters away. I ran as fast as I could but I gave up when the taxi was too far away. In my estimate, I ran a little less than 50 meters.

Image courtesy of etyman.wordpress.com

Going Nuts = Blogging Hiatus

As far as I can remember, that was the time when all things caved in. The depression I was suppressing and the all the fatigue I felt made me tremble inside out. Saying that I was confused, sad, worried, and desperate is an understatement.

To make the very long story short, I wasn't able to retrieve my valuables despite countless effort from my family and friends. I ended up very depressed so I went on vacation in Bohol.

Every cell in my body did not have the energy to write articles and blogs. This is the only income-generating activity I know. I went penniless and felt very sorry for myself.

Every time I get very depressed, I prefer to go to the island covered in chocolate. There's just something in that place that helps me heal.

In less than one month, I got back on my feet.

I got new income-earning jobs that gives me a new lease on life! I'm back on track and I am ready to conquer the world!

To the taxi driver who did not return my valuables, "God bless you!"

Thanks to you I went on blogging hiatus!  


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