Going Back To Our Roots: Awesome Talaandig Music

One of the best music anyone can hear is tribal music. Different parts of the world can offer their unique tribal music to the world. The Talaandig of Bukidnon can also boast their amazing tribal music.

As mentioned to us by Waway Linsahay Saway, the tribe leader, most of their musical instruments are based from the music that can be heard in nature. 

For example, the tambul was based from the sound of the woodpecker trying to find worms inside the tree barks. The flute was based from the sound of the cicada or gangis in local dialect. As told to him by his mother, cicadas cry when the sun sets because they fear that the sun will not shine again. The kubing was inspired by the sound of the kalaw bird. The kalaw makes a sound every 10 am or when noon is near, thus signalling them to cook their food for lunch. If you're wondering how the kubing sounds like, it goes like kaw kaw kaw kawKubing is also a favorite musical instrument in the tribe because it is used during courtship. Since cellphones were non-existent in those days, they use the kubing to do the talking for them. The boy tells a girl indirectly how he feels for her. That is their courtship style.

Waway Linsahay Saway showed us how the kubing sounds like. He told us that  people can have their own style in playing it. His performance included various hand movements which is so amazing to watch. This is the translation of his performance:

I think of you.
I see you with my eyes
And you are inside my heart.
Go to the river (or Gaisano) and I will follow!

Waway Linsahay Saway even shared to us a joke. A girl asks permission from her father to wash clothes in the river, even if there's not much reason to wash clothes. The boy on the other house also asks permission from his father to get some firewood even if there are still many stocks of firewood in their house. The two meet in the river and when they came back, they already have a baby! That's the result of the kubing!

Their tambul is made from animal skin. It sounds different from those made with plastic. The flute on the other hand gives a very beautiful sound which is very good to hear if you want to relax. The bamboo flutes are also hand-carved with various designs, mostly with nature motif. They also have a maracas-like instrument but I wasn't able to know the name. They also have an instrument made of horns from a certain animal. When shaken, it gives off a very soothing rain-like sound. 

They actually performed as a group and gave us a sample of their music. It was so cool! I will upload my videos soon and attach them here, so check this link from time to time.

The Talaandig make me proud that I am a Filipino!

Tambuls and Flutes

I guess this is a kulintang if I am not mistaken. Please correct me if I am wrong.


From left to right: Waway Linsahay Saway, his son, Balugto Necosia, Soliman Poonon, and Raul Bendit

From right to leftWaway Linsahay Saway, his son and Salima Saway-Agra-an

From left to right: Salima Saway-Agra-an, Waway Linsahay Saway, and RJ Saway

From left to right: Soliman Poonon and Gerard Saway 

The soil is being offered to the spirits of Cebu, as permission to do the Huning Lumad event. Take note of the color of the soil shown here; reddish-brown, gray, and black. These are the types of soil used in their soil painting.

Father jams with the maracas-like instrument.

Waway Linsahay Saway

Soliman Poonon

Gerard Saway and Raul Bendit with the kubing

Maglingaw-lingaw ta Bai!
(Let's have fun!)

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