Against All Odds: You Are my Best-est Friend Ever

While I was on my way to an event, I walked passed by these two creatures of God. In one glance you'd say there's nothing special about this but I tell you, you are wrong. 

We all know for a fact that most dogs hate cats and most cats also feel the same thing about dogs, but this is definitely an exception. 

What makes this photo very heart-wrenching is for the fact that upon closer inspection, you will notice that the dog was tied-up in a chain to the fence along a national highway in Cebu City. 

I really feel sorry for the dog. Perhaps the cat also feels the same, and decided to accompany the dog for the time being. 

I actually had many options to consider after seeing this touching sight. These are the following:
  • Stay walking because I was late for the event
  • Untie the dog and let them both free
  • Untie the dog and be bitten by it
  • Call the police
  • Ask my animal lover friends on what to do
  • Etcetera

Unfortunately, in my absence of mind at that moment, I chose the first option. Sometimes in life, your greatest regrets are the actions that you did not take when the situation calls for it. At least, now I know what to do in case I will experience a similar situation. I pray and bless these two creatures!


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