Awakening Weekend: Cebu Highland Farms

God made a rugged paradise in Cebu and it is called Cebu Highland Farms. I love every bit of it!

I love its overlooking view of the city. I love its distance from the hustle of the city life. I love its green mountains. I love its fresh air. I love the silence! For a shy person like me, silence is perhaps the best of friends we could ever have. Most of all, I love the farm animals, especially the horses. 

I absolutely love horses! I watch them all the time at the farm. Watching them made me feel happy inside and out. While they were grazing, the sound that they make every time they pull the grass out of the land and on to their nibbling mouth is very good to my ears and is a very pleasant sight to see.

I felt like a child once again, the feeling I rarely felt and lost when I was a child, for I grew up too fast, mentally and emotionally speaking.

When one is 12 years old, one should not feel like a 30 year old person or else, that person would compensate for the lost childhood upon growing up.

I was bullied a lot when I was a child. In fact, I was still bullied last year by guess what? Grown-up bullies! I've been spit on, glued tin foil on my hair, publicly humiliated by teachers and classmates, and a whole lot more. Thus, I wanted to grow up so fast in order for the bullying to stop. It was my idea of solving a problem I keep on experiencing. Guess what? The universe heard me. The universe did not make a physical woman out of me, though. Instead, the universe made me emotionally  and mentally-mature.

It was the time I asked the most questions, from the most trivial to the most non-sense of all. I probably wondered if God got tired of me because I gave out too many questions and most of those questions start with the word "WHY." Giving out questions was okay in my opinion, but questioning His existence, His wisdom, His purposes, and His intentions was way too much. In this sense, I could say that I wasn't that mentally and emotionally-mature.

Perhaps He understood me and He gave me time to figure things out. He gave me time to grow. He gave me 27 years to realize that I am not a single drop of the ocean but I am the ocean in a single drop!

Let's fast forward to November 10, 2012. I could see, feel, hear, smell, and taste the paradise that was in front of me. This is perhaps a piece of heaven that reminds me that a great someone from the great somewhere loves us all greatly!

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