An Awesome Way to be Fit: Becoming a Dogan Cafe Video Game Athlete

If you love playing video games and want to stay fit, this is certainly the ANSWER to your PRAYERS! You might want to consider becoming a video game athlete!

Playing video games and doing physical exercises are now merged. Thanks to the technology known as Kinect, having fun and staying fit is now highly possible!

Dogan Cafe, located in the 2nd floor of Persimmon Plus in Mabolo, Cebu City offers various video games that allows maximum physical participation on the part of the player. Instead of sitting down, like we usually do on a typical video game, the player needs to be up on his feet and keep on moving about!

The brainchild of Dogan Cafe is Mr. John Alindogan. In case you haven't noticed, Dogan Cafe was taken from the last 2 syllables of his family name. One of his idea was to use active video games and make it the ALA Gym for video games. This games include Dance Central, Dragonball Kinect, Fruit Ninja Kinect, and more! His goals include becoming the "Home of the Best Video Game Athletes in the World!" Video Games Athletes are different with Cyber Athletes mainly due to physical activity.

In case you get thirsty, they offer refreshments.

To add challenge to Fruit Ninja Kinect, they use these while playing the video game.

Dogan Cafe actually hosts Dance Central Party in the Persimmon Plus every Friday and Saturday Night, which includes a Dance Central Mini Tournament every Saturday.

To personally experience fun and staying fit, you have to make your way to Dogan Cafe as soon as possible! Why? The rates are considerably low as compared to enrolling yourself to a gym membership program!
  • All Access Per Day       - Php 250.00
  • All Access Per Week    - Php 500.00
  • All Access Per Month  - Php 2,000.00

Far left: Mr. John Alindogan, owner of Dogan Cafe

Mr. John Alindogan, owner of Dogan Cafe

Right: Mr. John Alindogan, owner of Dogan Cafe

Right: Mr. John Alindogan, owner of Dogan Cafe

Mr. John Alindogan, owner of Dogan Cafe

The Dancerous Engineer Mark Razonable and Mr. John Alindogan doing the  Fruit Ninja Kinect

Engineer Mark Razonable and Rodel Montebon proved that the video games characters are no match for them in dancing!

Who knew that Dr. Narciso Tapis is a good dancer?

Cebu Bloggers are enjoying the Dance Central!

Ka Me Ha Me Wave!!!

Slice those Fruits!!!

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