A Gathering of Awesome People: Cebu Blog Camp 3

Bloggers are rarely seen in person. When given the chance to be gathered, we would grab the opportunity to meet fellow bloggers, have a chit-chat, share insights, or blab the whole day through. Then we would also realize that we are "real" persons, that we are made of flesh and blood, and very much capable of conquering the online world! (Laughs!)

Personally, joining the Cebu Blog Camp 3 would mean that I have missed Cebu Blog Camp 1 and Cebu Blog Camp 2. (Laughs!)

Seriously speaking, I am very excited to join for the first time. I don't know what to expect, but I want surprises! I guess that day will be full of super surprises! Let it be good surprises though. 

I want to meet my old friends. I am also excited to meet new ones. I am very willing to listen to their stories and I hope they will also listen to me or else...... (Blackmail!)

Speaking of friends, I am thankful that Johnn Mendoza of The Center Suites and Chyrel Gomez of www.thechyrelgomez.blogspot.com informed me about this event.

Any event would not be successful without the help of sponsors, so I would like to personally thank them. Don't worry, I was not forced to do this. (Laughs!)

Please check out the official website of this awesome event by visiting this link: www.cebublogcamp.com/the-event/

You would love to hear this guys. Your lunch is their treat! Yes! You heard it right! We will get FREE lunch! (Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!)

See you there guys!

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