Weird Thingies Flying In The Night Sky: My Very First UFO Encounter

From the World Wide Web

I neither affirm or negate the presence of aliens, especially now that I saw flying thingies across the starry night sky last November 10, 2012.

We were in Cebu Highland Farms when we saw numerous flying orbs as big as the stars with very weird flight patterns and lights that turn on and off.

It was dusk when we started seeing them, as we were lying down on the cool and green grass, waiting for inspiration to write our gospels. 

When the sky became darker, we began seeing moving stars. We first thought that they were shooting stars, until we noticed them moving in erratic patterns. 

Some moved like satellites in orbit. Some moved in straight lines then would go back the other way then would go zigzag. Their lights go on and off as they kept on moving in front of our eyes. 

It was impossible for them to be the commercial airplanes that we know. They could be  fighter jets or secret government experiments or simply ALIENS! Yes! They could be aliens! Why not?

Unfortunately, they were too far for my video camera to capture and it was also too dark.

They were numerous. They were glowing. They were flying. They indeed were Unidentified Flying Objects!!!

From the World Wide Web

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