A Season To Be Merry: Starbucks 2013 Planner

During the month of October, I was looking at my 2012 planner that I seldom used as a planner. I used it more as a notebook than what it was intended to be. While feeling the cover and smooth pages as well as smelling the fragrant pages, I wished for a new planner and by 2013, I intend to use it as a planner. I wished for it and felt very happy. Then I forgot about it the next day. I went on with my awesome life.

Little did I know that the universe heard my little wish. The Cebu Bloggers Society were invited by Starbucks to join the Frappuccino Booth Launch and Cheer Party. I expected food and beverage tasting but I never expected that they would give so much freebies, which included the 2013 planner! Upon announcing the contents of the freebies, we all went berserk!  I was amazed! I was surprised! I was happy! I was totally in the zone! I wished for a 2013 planner and the universe gave it to me!

As I went home, I felt the beautiful black box that contained the planner. I was looking at it with much excitement. I opened the box and I saw a green planner wrapped in thin white paper. The color was perfect! Green is the color of the heart chakra! I took the white paper off. The planner had a magnetic lock to keep it closed. I started feeling the green planner covering. It is very beautiful! I started opening the  planner. The pages were smooth and fragrant. Inside it was a magnetic bookmark that looks like a little Starbucks beverage container. 

I liked what I saw! Everything was perfect! I would like to thank Starbucks for giving us the awesome free 2013 planners!

The planners come in 3 colors of white. black, and green. Go to your nearest Starbucks coffee shop and start collecting their planners! Each planner you purchase will help Spark Hope to enrich children's lives, one barangay at a time!

These are perfect gifts to your loved ones!

Look at their cute colors! Collect them all!

magnetic lock

magnetic bookmark

magnetic bookmark

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