Exceptional Hospitality: Hotel Elizabeth Turns 2

What do you get when you combine great accommodation, great food, and great hospitality? You will get Hotel Elizabeth celebrating their 2nd year in Cebu!

In celebration of their 2nd anniversary, Hotel Elizabeth held a motorcade, feeding program, and press conference. Aside from those, they also organized a marathon which went very well! 

During the press conference, they shared their plans of expanding in Palawan and at The Fort in their efforts of moving forward and creating a great impact.

Part of moving forward is maintaining the classic and elegant design of their building and interiors, which was artistically done by Miss Tessa Prieto-Valdez.

Every quarter, they also feature different food promotions to keep their menu exciting and new. 

As for room accommodations, they also offer promos that you will surely enjoy! Please contact them for additional information.

Since the Sinulog season is fast approaching, we could not help ourselves but ask for their plans. They said that upon Sinulog, they will feature local dancers every hour, offer merienda buffet (included in the package), and give an idea how Penagbenga in Baguio is celebrated. 

As for the cocktail that followed the press conference, we were surprised to know that Shalala was invited to be the host of the event. He made the night very funny. His necklace was very bright, making the back of my eyes look like neon yellow! As for the food, it was great!

I'd like to personally thank Hotel Elizabeth for giving us bloggers a great night. Keep up the good work!

Shalala in the center

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