Going Crazy Over Crabs: Crazy Crab Restaurant

Ever since I could remember, I always enjoyed eating crabs even as a kid. Aside from the fact that I seldom get to eat them, once their meat is cooked, I voluntarily surrender to indulge myself in a gastronomic experience. The aroma of cooked crab meat is very enticing, and will  make you grab a plate full of it!

Crazy Crab, located in Gaisano Country Mall (right across UC-Banilad, Northgate Center, and PDI Condominium) offers a variety of cooked crabs that is easy for your budget. For as low as Php 170, you can have your crabs in Sweet and Sour Sauce, Garlic Chips, or Coconut Cream!

Once your crabs are ready, you need to wash your hands because crabs are better eaten with bare hands. Don't forget to put your apron on because eating crabs might get you messed up. For the rest of your eating time, delight your palate and senses! This kind of experience is meant to be savored, so take your time! Enjoy the bounties of the sea at your own pace!

Do you like your crabs sprinkled with garlic chips?

Do you like your crabs sprinkled with garlic chips?

Perhaps crabs bathed in sweet and spicy sauce is your call!

Coconut cream makes the crab go round!

Every crab nook and cranny is worth grabbing for!


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