How to get Police Clearance in Cebu City

In my excitement to open a Paypal account, I went to Unionbank without even asking what the requirements were. I asked the teller what I needed to present so that I could activate my Paypal. She told me to show my Government issued ID. I presented my PRC license, my expired PRC license! Hahahahahahaha! She told me that they don't accept expired PRC license, so she suggested for me to get a Police Clearance, thus, this blog was inspired to be written. It pays to renew one's license before it expires. Trust me.

What are the requirements?
  • Barangay Clearance (have a photocopy)
  • Birth Certificate (have a photocopy)
  • Residence Certificate Number or Cedula (have a photocopy)
  • 2 pieces 2x2 photo of yourself (presentable)
What should I bring other than the requirements?
  • Wet wipes (in case the wet wipes they give you is not enough to wipe the ink off your hands)
  • Paste or Glue (in case you don't want to use the paste that is in the office)
Where should I go?

Go to Camp Sotero Cabahug in Gorordo Avenue. It is just beside Colegio De La Inmaculada Concepcion. 


Go to the left side of the headquarters and look for a "the special sign."

"the special sign"

"the special door"
Once you get inside, look up on the ceiling then search for the number 1 or Step 1, which is the cashier. The cashier will ask you to present your Barangay Clearance or Birth Certificate. You will pay Php 45.00. After Step 1, go to Step 2 (Application) in which a personnel will check your receipt, hand you a form in which you will fill out, and will ask you to pay Php 5.00 (payment for the wet wipes).

After filling out all the necessary information on the form and attaching your 2x2 photo on it, please proceed to Step 3 (Fingerprinting). Just wait for a personnel to handle the process. He will grab your hands, put black ink on it and place your fingers on the form. Just relax during the whole process. You're in good hands. The personnel who did my hands told me that I have "lucky" fingers. I replied with a smile and wide-eyed wonder. ^_^

That's not me. That's just someone who is not aware that I'm taking a photo of him while he was on Step 3.

After Step 3, your hands will be messy. Those wet wipes sure come in handy!

Go to Step 4 (Receiving). A personnel will get your form, ask for a photocopy of your Barangay Clearance, and will take a look at your Cedula. Make sure your Cedula is not expired. If you are a senior citizen, chances are, you are going to get your Barangay Clearance on the same day. If not, you may get your Barangay Clearance on the same day (if they are not so busy) or the next day or the next next day. The personnel will hand you a claim slip with the schedule of your Police Clearance release.

Go back to Camp Sotero Cabahug on the day of your schedule. Go to Step 5 (Releasing) which is just outside the office. 

There you go! This is another "Serbisyo Publico Blogs" by yours truly. I hope this blog has helped you in one way or another. Feel free to post comments or suggest future topics for me to work on. Have a great day! ^_^


  1. thank you very much for posting this one on your blog,,//..this really help me a lot..i feel confident now in going there..ahaha..keep up the good work:)

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating my blog. I want to make other people's lives easier by posting blogs like this. There is Part 2 of this blog and I hope you will check it out as soon as it is posted. Thank you once again! ^_^

  2. what about digitalized police clearance?where can I have one?thank you..

    1. As of now, everything is made manually. Maybe in the near future, they will decide to have it in digital copies. ^_^

  3. Great info I'm new to getting the police clearance this is such a useful blog thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. You are very much welcome Jinyukichan! I really made this blog to guide people and make them confident when they want to get their police clearance. ^_^

  4. Nice tip very useful for first timers like me



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