Pop's Chick N' Steak

There's a new restaurant in Robinson's Fuente food court. What used to be Orange Brutus and Persian Palate is now Pop's Chick N' Steak. We were curious because it was new. We went in to look at the menu. The prices are very affordable!


Since we were hungry, we decided to give Pop's Chick N' Steak a try. Take a look at what we ordered.

That's not beverage. That's gravy all you want!

Mashed Pops Php 45.00

Mashed Pops Php 45.00

Mashed Pops Php 45.00

Cordon Bleu Php 69.00

Chick N' Steak Php 75.00

Chick N' Steak Php 75.00


Why don't you give it a try? The prices are reasonable and the food tastes good. Not bad for a very affordable meal.

Mangaon ta!
(Translation: Let's Eat!)

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