I Love Warm Brownie Cup!!!

I woke up very early today to process my NBI Clearance. I have no choice because I want to process my Salesman License, and a requirement for applying for the Salesman License is an updated NBI Clearance. I wasn't able to sleep the night before, but my mind was so fixed with getting it done so that I can get to the next step. I tried to ignore the sleepiness the whole day. I was successful at doing that, but I wasn't successful in ignoring the tarpaulin which was above me the whole time while waiting for my NBI Clearance processing to start. If you're wondering what was on the tarpaulin, I'll show you the photos. I couldn't deprive myself from this yummy treat because I was exhausted by lunchtime.

White Chocolate Warm Brownie Cup by La Marea

Warm White Chocolate Brownie topped with Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Drizzles and Sprinkles

It looks very yummy!

It tastes super yummy!!!

It's only Php 95.00!

This is one of my comfort food!

I crave for this when I'm sad or stressed!

I also crave for this if I'm happy!

This treat sure looks photogenic in all angles!

I enjoyed my share of warm White Chocolate Brownie Cup today, a rainy day! Simply perfect!

There was even a couple who ordered 10 warm brownie cups for take out. They brought it with them to Manila.  Warm Brownie Cup by La Marea is definitely a perfect pasalubong! ^_^

Mangaon ta!
(Translation: Let's eat!)

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