AllMyTea is Goodness in a Bottle

AllMyTea is a mix of everything that's good for you and your health. It is a medley of real brewed tea, real calamansi juice, orange squeeze, sugar, water and vanilla extract. What do you get after mixing all these stuff? A much healthier tea concoction is what you will get as compared to the tea and health drinks being offered in the market today, most of which have very commercialized taste. Too commercialized that it doesn't even taste healthy at all. All I can taste is too much sugar!

I am a vegetarian junkie. I am not 100% raw vegan though. I love all things vegan and healthy, so when AllMyTea was launched, I was so glad to hear about it.

Since AllMyTea is made up of real brewed tea, we get the same health benefits just as drinking tea all by itself. Tea actually lowers blood pressure, bad cholesterol, and risk of hypertension. It also bars certain cancers, improves our body's immune system, and stall Alzheimer's disease. It may help those with AIDS because it also boosts the immune system.

How is AllMyTea available to the market? It's actually available in concentrate (500 mL and 2 L) and Ready-to-Drink (500 mL and 350 mL).

Concentrate (500 mL and 2 L) 
Ready-to-Drink (500 mL and 350 mL)
Storing your AllMyTea bottles is just a snap. Keep your Ready-to-Drink in the fridge to maintain its freshness. Concentrates can be kept at room temperature but must be stored in the fridge after opening. In that way, freshness and quality is maintained.

With regards to the safety of AllMyTea, we are rest assured because strict application of cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Processes through the use of SSOP or Sanitation Standard Procedure) have been implemented while on the process of documentation is HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). Marventure Corp., the company who is responsible for giving us AllMyTea, is already approved by BFAD with License to Operate No, RDII-MM-F-3326.

If you are wondering what kind of tea they are using, choose from the 3 kinds and take a good guess: black, green, oolong. Which of the 3 is fully-fermented, fully oxidized, and has the strongest flavor? It's black tea! 

There are many ways to serve AllMyTea Iced Tea. You can have AllMyTea as a Foamy Frapped Iced Tea, Iced Tea Shake or as a Cocktail Base.

To make a Cocktail, prepare 200 mL of AllMyTea Concentrate then mix it with water (1 to 5 dilution) and also prepare 1 jigger of Belvedere Vodka. Mix them together and put some ice cubes to achieve the best result.

I am very sure that you want to grab your very own AllMyTea now so I will not prolong your agony. Head on to Cafe De France Robinsons, Japengo Japanese Restaurant, Wine and Dine, and Popeye's Grill House. AllMyTea will soon be available in other restaurants and schools near you!

Senpur Trading is the exclusive distributor of AllMyTea Iced Tea in Cebu. They are proudly Cebuano and they provide safe and quality products that is within our budget! Contact Senpur Trading for more inquiries and bulk orders.

Stacy Rubie Senor Purugganan (General Manager of Senpur Trading)
Langtad, Naga, Cebu 6037
Telefax: +63 (032) 236-5379
Mobile: +63 916 464 7560

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