S4: Super Sales Seminar for Sales Professionals (Press Conference)

S4: Super Sales Seminar for Sales Professionals is a seminar courtesy of Maximum Impact Philippines* (Corporate Training and Development) founded by Mr. Adrian Ding (CEO or Chief Empowering Officer); Mr. Al Argo**, international sales expert and author of "Walking, Living, Learning!" and Mr. David Gill of CRMWorks Asia***. 

The press conference last October 1, 2012 was held at Cobo Milk Tea in J Centre Mall.

What is S4?

S4 is a powerful seminar that will empower sales professionals. It can help by boosting one's sales, influence, and persuasion skills.

What makes this training different?

**This training is different because Mr. Al Argo himself will be the speaker! His story is very inspiring because he used to be very shy but now, he is one of the experts in his field! He has clients from all over the world. His aim is to help companies in increasing their sales thus, creating growth in whichever community the client is located. "Nothing happens until something is sold," Argo says. He has been working in Singapore for 10 years. He shared to us that it is important to initiate rapport and that sales is a learned skill. Selling for him is like sharing an idea. Why settle for mediocrity when you can be the best? For him, genuine care for clients matter, and that we have to learn from the good and the bad of everything. People learn best through stories. The initials of his name stands for "Always Learning!"

Check Mr. Al Argo on Y101 radio station everyday at 8:15 AM!

What topics will be covered during this event?

On October 13, 2012 Saturday 1:30 PM- 5:30 PM
J Centre Mall Convention Facility
A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City

10 Questions to boost your influence and persuasion ability
9 Hot prospecting tips
8 Focal points of all highly effective sales professionals
7 Ways to reserve risk for your client
6 P's of selling that can improve your bottom line
5 Ways to close the sale faster
4 Effective ways to handle objections (before they come up!)
3 Secrets to keeping clients for life
2 Costly mistakes to ALWAYS avoid in sales
1 Word that can boost your closing ratio by 66%

  • How and why to mix tactical selling with strategic selling
  • The 4 leaders within every professional
  • The 1 color to wear and the 1 color to avoid to be more persuasive


  • OMF Stores (Robinson's Cybergate and Banilad Branch)
  • J Centre Mall Concierge
  • S4reservations@gmail.com
  • www.pinoygreatdeals.com
According to Mr. David Gill, we learn best when we are having fun and that we have to dress for success.

Mr. Adrian Ding also shared that the top performers take notes and always update themselves by joining seminars. One of his aims is to help sales professionals become better and help elevate sales by developing trust.

From left to right: Mr. Adrian Ding, Mr. Al Argo, and  Mr. David Gill     

Royale Milk Tea by Cobo - Awesome PossibiliTEAS

Mr. David Gill

Mr. Adrian Ding

Mr. Al Argo


* Maximum Impact Philippines is a company that specializes in training solutions for various companies, multi-nationals, NGOs, the academe and individuals. Our mantra is "maximum learning, impact teaching."

Maximum Impact Philippines is founded by Mr. Adrian Ding, Chief Empowering Officer and Head Trainer (T. Harv Eker Certified trainer, entrepreneur, motivator and part-time ministry worker with focus in the market place.) He has had almost 10 years experience in coaching with core competencies on leadership, team building, personality development, marketing, communications and public relations.

*** CRMWorks ASIA, based in Cebu City, Philippines, a global implementation and training partner of SugarCRM customer relationship management, and Contivio contact center solutions.

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