Sinugdanan (Art Exhibit at Qube Gallery) PART 1

*Part 2 and 3 of this blog will feature photos of the paintings.

Art featured in graphics by Jose “Kimsoy” Yap

Last October 18, 2012 at 6:00 PM, Qube Gallery launched an Art Exhibit in Rizal Museum, located in OsmeƱa Boulevard. “Sinugdanan” is the name of the Art Exhibit, which banded together artists and art advocates with common cause. The exhibit will be open to the public from Monday to Friday 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM, which will run up to October 30, 2012. 

It was not my first time to visit a gallery but it was definitely my most awesome gallery experience so far! I love the paintings! The artists were also present! It was so cool to be there! It was so cool that my fellow blogger Jaysee Pingkian verbalized that he can stay the whole day in the gallery! I also affirmed to his statement! I would gladly stay there for one day, allotting 1 hour for each paintings. I even brought my boyfriend and my other friend the very next day because I can't get enough of the paintings!

By the end of the event, we had the opportunity to interview some of the artists and have our photos taken with them. Wohooo! Perhaps by doing so, we could grab their creative energies, don't you think?

Featured Qube Gallery artists are the following:
  • Jose “Kimsoy” Yap
  • Celso Duazo Pepito
  • Vidal Alcoseba 
  • Darby Alcoseba 
  • Josua Cabrera
  • Felix Catarata 
  • Ariel Caratao
  • Derek Cabatingan 
  • Gigi Ocampo
  • John Dinglasa
  • Joseph Ong
  • Marvin Chito Natural
  • Melver Mercado 
  • Nomar Miano
  • Jess Najarro 
  • Ian Quiros 
  • Bobby Guardiario
Chief Executive Officer: Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong
Gallery Partner: Miss Jo Ann M. Lim
Gallery Manager: Miss April May Tudtud-Ramos

These are the artists together with Miss Jo Ann M. Lim (5th from right) and Mr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong (6th from right)
Awesome Lady in Black and White Dress is Miss April May Tudtud-Ramos! 

The aim of Qube Gallery is to support and promote fine artists of Southern Philippines and to professionalize the fine art industry, as well as raise the standards of contemporary art of Southern Philippine cultural and economic landscape. The gallery will also assist striving and successful artists for their exposure. Aside from Qube Gallery in Cebu, a physical gallery will also be set up in NCR. 

Aside from being a convergence point for artists and buyers in the Southern Philippines region, Qube Gallery also offers the following services:
  • accessible studio space 
  • storage space
  • gallery management 
  • inventory and tracking services
  • marketing and PR strategies
  • open and roving studio events and tours
  • online marketing
  • commissioned art and portraits
  • accounting and bookkeeping
  • credit access for buyers
  • art insurance
  • art investment strategies curator ship
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • consultancy
For inquiries, you may contact Miss April.

Miss April May Tudtud-Ramos: +63 932-512-1921

From left to right: Miss Jo Ann M. Lim, Spanish Consul Mr. Jaime PicornellMr. Jon Kenneth Gotiong

Marvin Chito Natural
He enthusiastically shared to us his excitement about a museum that will soon be opened in Toledo. He also mentioned to us that he was a self-taught artist. He is also fond of painting human subjects against a wall with its shadow going the other way, which I find very interesting! He likes walls to his paintings because he said that he can add themes and issues that he would like to convey.

Melver Mercado and Shanky Baby
Mr. Mercado was very accommodating in explaining to us what his paintings mean, because we were not yet good in making a critique about those masterpieces. He told us that he wants his audiences to make their own interpretations on his works, because different people have different perspective. Mr. Mercado told us that painting is his PASSION! 

Melver Mercado and Jaysee *twinkle twinkle*
The eager beaver Jaysee Pingkian, my friend and fellow blogger, interviews Mr. Mercado with much gusto! I asked him why this painting was called Blockbuster Movie because I could not get the point. He told us that it was named as such because the stall in the painting was a DVD/CD store. Ah! Now I get it!  ^_^

Shanky Baby and Gigi Ocampo
The shy Miss Gigi is very feminine, and it is very evident in her works. Soft pastels and subjects make the bulk of her displays here.

Ian Quiros and Shanky Baby
Even though Kuya Ian was about to go home already, he went back to the venue so that we could have a photo opportunity with him. 

Felix Catarata and Shanky Baby
I asked the very smiling Sir Felix if he painted himself by looking at the mirror and keeping himself still. He told me that it used to be the technique in the old days. He asked his daughter to take a photo of him, and made a self-portrait from it. The details of the painting make it interesting. Please view Part 2 of this blog to view it.

Shanky Baby and her favorite sketch in the gallery (somebody else won this) *tears*

That peace sign is a permanent mannerism of Shanky Baby


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