Cebu Nihon Matsuri

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This event is a joint project of Ethics To Help Others Succeed (E-T-H-O-S) Corp., and the Cebu City Government, through the Mayor's Office. We are also hoping for recognition and coordination from the Japanese government, through the Japan Embassy-JICC (Japan Information Cultural Center) and the Japan Foundation. 


  1. To promote the Japanese culture and language in Metropolitan Cebu down to a grassroots level so that every individual might better understand the Japanese people and get to know more of their beautiful country and through this appreciation that every Cebuano person might also better appreciate his/her own culture and do more to help preserve it.
  2. To promote closer ties between the Japan and Philippine governments and make people aware of the different friendship opportunities one can have.
  3. To provide a venue for the people of Cebu, particularly in the South, to witness a part of Japan first-hand considering that few Cebuanos have the chance to go to Japan to witness such events.
  4. To better educate people, and especially graduating students from local universities, about the Japanese work ethic, and good working values in general, so that getting and keeping a job will be something important to them.
  5. To gather people together for the purpose of relaxation and enjoyment, but also to provide them with possible employment opportunities through a Job Fair that will also take place. We plan to give people a venue to enjoy themselves, alleviate the effects of economic difficulties, and to better understand the Japanese spirit of "never give up" and "pressing on" communicated by the Japanese words ganbare, kaizen and banzai with the tradition of achieving success with quality.


Major Activities:

    • This will be a venue wherein local businesses might meet potential employees and where local residents might find jobs.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 8:00AM-3:30PM
    • This is a competition highlighting the globally competitive talents of local Cebuanos in the area of sketching/drawing. The theme will be original concept but based on the Japanese Anime and/or Manga style of drawing.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 10:00am-12:00noon
    • This will be a friendly competition between Japanese and Filipino nationals opposing each other on a Shougi game board, and will be judged by both Japanese national and local aces.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 10:00am-12:00noon
    • This will be a competition featuring individual participant's Japan theme (both Anime and Manga characters) inspired costumes.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak Cebu City
    • Time: 4:00-6:00pm
    • This will be a battle of local bands performing Japanese pop rock music with a little twist of modern Philippine genius.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center
    • Time: 7:00-9:00pm

Other Activities:

    • The art of origami has been in existence in Japan for centuries and has brought hope to many that have been afflicted. To some, origami is simply making paper toys, but for many it is an art that brings opportunity for income. Participants will be shown various techniques of paper folding and how origami might be used as a means of livelihood.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 1:00-2:00 pm
  • IKEBANA, The Art of Flower Arrangement
    • This will be demonstrated by a distinguished Japanese guest, who will provide a small workshop wherein those attending will learn the art and how it could be used as a means of livelihood.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 2:00-3:00pm
    • The beauty of tea ceremony lies in the preparation and its overall meaning. The Japanese people believe in giving value to meeting a person and treating each meeting as if it were a once in a lifetime encounter, or "Ichigoichie". The tea ceremony represents one of the highest forms of respect and honor in the Japanese culture. This will be demonstrated by a Japanese national and will provide knowledge and training to those who attend, and would be especially good for participants who are in the hospitality service industry.
    • Venue: The Bible Study Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 2:00-3:00 pm
    • The KIMONO is perhaps the most easily recognized traditional Japanese garment. During this time we will demonstrate the proper way to wear a kimono.
    • Venue: Shopwise Shopping Center, Basak San Nicolas
    • Time: 3:00-4:00 pm
    • Learning a country's language is a big part of understanding the culture of the country. In the case of the Japanese language, it not only helps to understand the culture of Japan but it also provides a great opportunity for employment for the Filipino people. Participants will be provided with an overview of local and national opportunities for quality Japanese language instruction.
    • Venue: Ethos Corp. Booth at Shopwise
    • Time: 8:00-am to 9:00pm


  • As we have opportunity, other traditional Japanese cultural activities may be featured during the event. This will be done through photo exhibits and slide show presentations done onsite at different venues at Shopwise.
  • During the major stage events, there will be smaller stage presentations of Japanese music and song during intermissions.

Note: This is the final event program for October 20, 2012. 

Yoroshiku onegai itashimasu.

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