Cafe Maru (Coffee Shop)

 Coffee itself is great
But free coffee is great, great, great!
Thank you very much Miss Paul!

It was a fine December 29, 2011 when we came by and as always, we had a great time in Cafe Maru.  I claimed my free coffee and it made me sooo happy!  Thank you again Miss Paul!  We were the only customers at that time.  When we were about to take our orders, we were caught quite off guard, in a good way though, because Miss Paul and two of her staff attended to our needs.  Hehehe!

By this time, we grabbed the 150 pieces puzzle to entertain us.  We took The Cafe at Nlight by Vincent Van Gogh.

We scattered the puzzle pieces on the table.  See how cute they look!

They even look cuter when placed upon a small glass container with caramel syrup on it!

Here's how my free coffee looked.  I love coffee and I love coffee art!  Thank you Miss Paul!

As always, the star of the show is our favorite waffle ice cream!  Yum yum yum!

There's a new event in Cafe Maru!  It's called Message Bottle Event where you can get the chance to have a message bottle and write messages on a cute capsule! 

I am bottle no. 31

I am bottle no. 31
Our cute message capsules!

Our cute message capsules!

I am bottle no. 31

How did our puzzle activity went?  It went quite well!  We solved it over an hour.  

We were so happy to have solved the puzzle.  My Dear James even went crazy!  Hehehehe!

There's nothing in there Dear!  Don't drink it!

Is your nose flaring tactic intentional?  Your way of saying you enjoyed the puzzle, eh?  Hahahaha!

Our stay will never be complete unless we leave a message on the Cafe Maru notebook.

Regular customers always get discount coupons like these!

Cafe Maru is located in Banilad, Cebu City, just across Sto. Nino Village.  See you there!

Live a good life, la buena vida!

Mangaon ta!
(Translation: Let's eat!)

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