STK ta Bay (Paolitos Seafood House)

I've been here for countless times already. Just like when I first encountered this restaurant, the food still tastes great! The customers keep on coming back and I noticed that they are getting more numerous, and I even noticed that foreigners are coming as well. Sometimes, you have to wait for a couple of minutes for you to get inside, because the waiter would still have to look if there is an available table for you. Anyway, even if you wait, it's still worth it. After all that wait, you're going to have a taste of good old home cooking at it's best, and what's great is, their food is very affordable!

It was my mum and dad's anniversary so I decided to bring them here because they haven't tried it here yet. I first suggested to them the international buffet of the tallest hotel tower in the Philippines and walk in the sky afterwards but mum violently refused because she is afraid of heights. To calm her down, I asked her if she has heard about STK. She said no so I told her that they should try it because the food is very delicious and affordable. I told her that on peak hours, there are lots of customers and that the street would be full of cars parked on the side. I also told her that this scenario happens every day, a testament to the kind of food they are serving.

On their anniversary, we arrived at past 7 PM. As expected, we waited for a couple of minutes before the waiter ushered us to the maze-like entrance of the inner room of the house where our table was located. The table was not yet made up but it's okay. You will understand because all of the waiters faces looked like "Oh-my-God-there-are-so-many-customers-and-many-orders-to-fill-out-I-need-to-hurry-hurry-hurry!" The air-conditioning system was on but I could not feel it because the room had many people and the door was open, so the hot air outside the house overpowers the air-conditioning system. 

The waiter finally made up our table and handed us the menu. 

I was quite surprised by the number of food my mum and dad ordered. I was thinking that we could not eat them all but I was also thinking that we might eat it all too because I was so hungry at that time. Either way, it's still good. While we were waiting for our orders, the antique sound box was turned on so we could hear 1960s music playing! Oh yeah! Nothing beats the oldies music! We heard the Everly Brothers at that time! We also chatted about the food and the decorations in the room. They had a lot of antique bowls and antiques brass instruments like tuba and trumpet. They also had old photos, clothes, images of saints, radio, and so much more. Dining in STK is like dining inside a museum. Finally, the long wait was over. The waiter has served our orders!!!

Tinola Manok Bisaya Php 145.00

Baked Scallops Php 120.00

Calderetang Kanding Php 160.00

Tuna Belly (price depends on the size of the tuna belly)

Calamares Php 105.00

Lechon Kawali Php 120.00

We were all satisfied with the food. Mum even decided to come back. Shanky's suggestion was another success and this has been another food trip worth blogging for!  More food trips to come!!!

STK ta Bay (Paolitos Seafood House) is located in Orchid Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City. It is near Hotel Asia, across Kuya J Restaurant, and beside Yayoy's Grill. Parking space is just Orchid Street. Just make sure you won't block any gates when you park.

Live a good life, la buena vida!


  1. Makalimot gyud ko pirmi kung asa ni dapita and I ate here for almost two or three years ago na ba. Thanks for giving the exact location, Chan. :)

  2. Mmmmm. I can feel like I can taste everything! Looks so good!



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