My Kitten in Camouflage

I don't know how my kitten managed it, but he did! Our front yard has a jack fruit tree and everyday, it would be like autumn because numerous pile of leaves would always be there for mum or me or Clint to sweep off. I like how the color of the leaves come in contrast with the color of the greenish-cemented front yard. My little kitten always spends time in our front yard. Due to the numerous leaves available, I guess my little kitten has developed a nice sense of imagination. Oh well, I guess my little kitten got it from me (laughs). Maybe he wanted to play hide-and-seek with me so he decided to hide from me. Little did he know that he can never hide from me because once I call his mum, he follows her whenever she is near. Nonetheless, his camouflage is so amateur (laughs)!  

You can't hide from me!!!

Nice try little kitten! 

Well, honestly guys, it's just my imagination again.  I was imagining that my kitten knows how to hide himself, so after I was petting him, I covered him with leaves and took photos of him.  Here are other photos.

He looked bored to me so I wanted to add zest to his little life.

I took a leaf as his hat.

Protection from the cold weather perhaps?

Napoleon Bonaparte style hat
I think nothing beats almost-successful-camouflage style.  Hehehe!

Live a good life, la buena vida!

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