Shanky Baby is a Maneki Neko

I love cats. That's a fact. I also love dogs, but I love cats more. A thought suddenly came to my mind just a few minutes ago. I think the reason why my Daddy Joe would act like the beckoning cat statue Maneki Neko when I'm around is because he knew I love cats, or maybe it's because I'm cute like Maneki Neko, or because I bring good luck to them. So I insist, whether you like it or not, that I will declare myself as a living Maneki Neko of the Philippines! 

That was a joke! 
I did not sound like a dictator, did I?

I got the photo above from this wonderful blog.  It tells us how the legend of Maneki Neko came to be. Please visit the URL--->

Live a good life, la buena vida!


  1. These are very much adorable and lovely. All the manekineko Put their
    hands up and it seems to me that they are trying to hug me. Ohh I really
    love Japoneses manekineko. I have discover out that PIJ offer one of them.
    Just requested it no and can't delay to get this

    1. They indeed are very cute! Meow! ^_^



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