The Beatles in Rolling Stone

If a Beatles fan indeed loves the Fab Four
She/he ought to have memorabilia,
More, more, and more!!!
-Shanky Baby-

Ever since I was aware that I love The Beatles, I started collecting anything that has photo or literature of them.  I started with CDs, books, and now, with magazines.  Right now, I've got two Rolling Stone magazines featuring The Beatles and John Lennon as a solo artist.  I got the John Lennon issue from a store called Booksale and was able to purchase it at PHP 110.00.  I got The Beatles Ultimate Album Guide as a Christmas gift by my Dear James last Christmas 2011.  He did not tell me how much it costs.  I was so grateful he gave it to me because I wasn't able to find it in Booksale.  I will feature my other Beatles collection in future blogs.  As of now, let me show you the cover of the two magazines and some teaser pages.  Enjoy!

This is the magazine cover.
This is the magazine back cover.

These are some of the pages in the magazine.

These are some of the pages in the magazine.

This magazine features an interview with John Lennon three days before he died.

I am always amazed by John's love for Yoko.  It's like his love for his Aunt Mimi!

I can't let you see the whole photo because I will be rated R18.  Hehehehehe!

If you have any collection of The Beatles, please make a blog about it and share it with us.  We'd be more than happy to view your blog and share ideas with you.  

Live a good life, la buena vida!

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