The Beatles for President

I bet the jingle we will hear on the radio and TV about their candidacy would be......

"We love you!
Yeah!  yeah!  Yeah!"

That would be the coolest jingle ever!  I guess Lito Camo could not beat that.  I also bet that the masses would be crowding the streets whenever they will personally do their campaign.  The crowd would shout with hysteria and they would loose consciousness.  While doing a debate, The Beatles would not hear themselves because the crowd would shout non-stop at the sight of their beloved musicians wanting to become politicians.  I have never seen such handsome lads running for politics.  

Okay!  Okay!  

I was just imagining!  

But if ever they would run for politics, I would vote for them.  Anyway, it's not the politicians we voted for that runs the government.  It's the small group of people behind them that controls everything.

Live a good life, la buena vida!

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