Mesa (Filipino Moderne)

Filipino food is super yummy!  How about Filipino Moderne?  It's Filipino food with a twist but with the same yumminess you will always crave for!  Introducing to you, MESA!!!

Take a look at what we ordered.  Yummy!!!

Grilled Hito with Honey Shrimp Paste

Drunken Ostrich Php 290.00

Sinigang na Baboy in Guava and Pineapple Php 270.00

Sago at gulaman

Sinigang na Baboy in Guava and Pineapple Php 270.00

Try MESA now and be amazed!  

Live a good life, la buena vida!


  1. Been here once and medyo mahalan man ko nila. Have you tried the thai resto in Ramos?

  2. Ok ra unta ang food Chy pero hinay ila service. Hehehe! Na-turn off mi kay wala dayon mi maatiman tapos murag dili man concerned ang mga waiter ato nga time oi. Murag distracted chuva whatever. Hehehe! What name sa Thai resto in Ramos Chy? Wala pa ko ka-try. i wanna try Chy. Thanks! ^_^



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