Book Cafe Maru (Coffee Shop)

Are you one of those who hate crowded coffee shops?  I know I'm one of them.  Do you want a coffee shop that allows you to relax and really feel at home?  I know I'm one of them too!  I know this certain coffee shop that is so cool and cozy.  There's even an area where you can remove your shoes or keep 'em on.  It's all up to you!  Even though the area is not that big, you're going to love it there.  This coffee shop was recommended to me by my friend Chyrel Gomez of

Thank you Chy!  ^_^

Book Cafe Maru

This is a coffee shop that offers coffee and tea, books, free wi-fi and some pastries too! It is located in Gov. M. Cuenco Street, Banilad, Cebu City.  It's just across Sto. Niño Village.  On weekdays, I notice that students usually flock the area reading their books.  On weekends, there are lesser students.  The place is super cute!  The decor!  The simplicity!  The humor!  I like it!  You'll be given a card when it's your first time here.  You'll earn special treats upon visiting them regularly and upon using the card.

Sooo cute!  ^_^

I like my coffee hot!  ^_^

Hi Peter Rabbit!  They said you were from Korea!  ^_^
Cutesy art on the wall!

There are many cute photos still coming.  As for now, let me show you how their order taking counter and preparation area looks like.

This is the view from where we were seated.

A Beetle with coffee beans!  Wow!!!

This is the view from outside.
Do you want to see their coffee?  They're lovely!  They are very affordable too!  ^_^

If you're the type who gets easily bored with the usual newspapers or magazines served in a coffee shop, don't worry.  There are lots of stuff you can do here.  Aside from studying, you can do puzzles, 2D or 3D!  

The Last Supper as 2D Puzzle

They have world famous paintings as 2D puzzles.  They have a glass shoe and apple 3D puzzle.  They also have a Rubik's cube.
Here's how the shoes glass 3D puzzle pieces look like.

The sun was still shining when we started working on the puzzle.

We ended when the sun was already sleeping.  Hooray for my Dear James!!!

This is the fruit of our hard work and cooperation!
You can also play board games here!!!  We played Snakes and Ladders before we solved the 3D glass shoe puzzle.  It was the most fun Snakes and Ladders game I played my entire life!  It's been a very long while since James and I played this board game and when we got here, we finally had the chance to play as long as we want.  Our laughter echoed inside the cafe.  Hehehehe!

We're excited to play!!!

Look who's winning!  Hahaha!
Here are other cute things and parts of the coffee shop.

Why are you hiding my Lovely Little Sunshine Lion?

Cute Korean Books with Panda Bear hiding on the side

This is the part where you can remove your shoes and relax!!!

This is the part where you can remove your shoes and relax!!!

This is a very small bench (as small as a photo frame) with very small cups.

Cute bunnies!!!

The cork board is filled with messages for the cafe.

This is a close-up view of the cork board.

That's me in the background!

You can leave your Cafe Maru coupon here and grab it when you're back again.

Colorful ottomans

I am the SUN GOD riding the moon!!!

I am the SUN GOD riding the moon!!!

Hi!  Please turn me off when not in use.

Please knock before entering.

If you want to tell Book Cafe Maru how happy you are about their place, leave a message on the cork board or on their notebook.  We wrote messages in their notebook.

Is the cute notebook lulling you to sleep my Dear James?

James writing a message

Our message!
So the next time you'll go to a coffee shop, make it Book Cafe Maru!!!  It is located in Gov. M. Cuenco Street, Banilad, Cebu City (across Sto. Niño Village).  Telephone numbers are 0927-520-2891 and 032-239-7909.  There's a nice discount for all take out coffee!

Live a good life, la buena vida!!!  ^_^

Mangaon ta!
(Translation: Let's eat!)

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