Crown Lifestyle

Are You Sick and Tired of Your Work?
Or Are you Unemployed and Jobless Right Now?
Do you NOW want to LIVE the LIFE you WANTED?

IMAGINE Yourself… 
  • Having The DREAM VACATION and TRAVEL of Your Life
  • SHOPPING and DINING in ALL your Favorite Shops and Restaurants
  • PLAYING and RELAXING at your favorite GYMS and SPA
  • ENJOYING all the beautiful Pleasures of Life
  • Get LIFETIME DEALS, DISCOUNTS, PERKS from Thousands of Merchants
  • While YOU MAKE MONEY doing it!

NOW you CAN!

Travel, Shop, Play &

With Crown Lifestyle, You can now get these BENEFITS:
  • EARN, TRAVEL, SHOP & PLAY. A life of amazing privileges starts here.
  • Enjoy dream accommodations FOR LESS. Discover a life of privileges under the CROWN.
  • Stay and indulge in some of the finest hotels and resorts in the country and around the world. At CrownLifestyle.Net, you VACATION IN STYLE.
  • Gives you access to LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with no yearly fees. Members are given a personal URL which they will use as a marketing tool for presentation & transaction.
  • It’s an ASSET. Since it’s a lifetime membership, it can be transferred, sold, deeded, inherited, or assigned. Subject to payment of transfer fees ( Php 5,000 ).
  • Gain unparalleled access to earning opportunities with MULTIPLE REVENUE STREAMS and FANTASTIC FREEBIES and all within your reach.
  • Reap the REWARDS of your hard work instantly. Grow and manage your Funds, Referral Points, Reward Vouchers and Repeat Sales Commission at the touch of a button.
  • BUY MORE, EARN MORE. Every purchase at CrownLifestyle.Net lets you earn repeat sales commissions and redeemable reward points.

Who and What Is Crown Lifestyle?
Crown Lifestyle is a NEW State-of-the-art E-commerce platform by J.King and Sons Company and Crown Regency Hotels and Resorts where you are given the LIFETIME Lifestyle Privileges, the FREEDOM to Shop, Save and Earn Online and Limitless Earning Opportunities in the palm of YOUR OWN HANDS!
Some of our DIRECT Partners where you can get Lifetime Discounts, Deals, and Perks are Crown Regency Hotels, Sky Experience Adventure, Fuente Triangle Development, Club Ultima, Metro Sports Center, and MORE!

What Can YOU Get from Being a Crown Lifestyle Member?
From being an INDEPENDENT RETAILER member in Crown Lifestyle, you will INSTANTLY get these Products, Privileges and Opportunities:
  • Two (2) Hotel Stay Accommodation VOUCHERS for 2 Days & 2 Nights good for 4 Persons at either Crown Regency Hotel (CEBU) or Crown Regency Resort (BORACAY) – (Worth P40,000)
  • LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP to Crown Lifestyle and avail ALL the Discounts, Deals, Freebies and Perks offered by THOUSANDS of our Merchant Partners ranging from Restaurants, Gyms, Spa, Entertainment Hub, Hotels and many more! Counterpart for Club Ultima Membership. (Worth P300,000)
  • Your own CROWN LIFESTYLE ID CARD which serves as your Discount, Rebates, Points, and Debate Card to be used in Merchant Partners (Worth P1,000)
  • PRESENTATION KIT containing your Quick Guide Manual, Marketing Plan Book, USB drive with Video Presentation and Metro Bank Paycard for your Earnings.(Worth P1,000)
  • Your OWN SLOT and PERSONAL MARKETING WEBSITE in the E-commerce system which you can use to invite your friends (even abroad!) to earn more POINTS and CASH! The more you invite the BIGGER your EARNINGS! (Worth Px,xxx,xxx)

Being an INDEPENDENT RETAILER, you will get a
TOTAL WORTH of around P500,000 ++

You don’t need to invest 
P500,000 ++
 to become an INDEPENDENT RETAILER in Crown Lifestyle!

You don’t even need 


And NO! It’s not even 

How To Become A Crown Lifestyle Independent Retailer?
Really… You don’t need to invest that big to become Lifetime Member as INDEPENDENT RETAILER in Crown Lifestyle. Because you will already have the great privilege and opportunity to GET ALL THAT WORTH (P500,000++) with a CRAZY… CRAZY… CRAZY
One-Time Starting Investment of only…

Php 15,000!

(worth P500,000 of Products and Privileges for you!)
YES my friend!
With a One-Time Starting Investment, No Yearly Fees, No Hidden Charges… of only Php 15,000, you can NOW get all the Benefits, Privileges, and Opportunities stated above!
And with your P15,000 One-Time Investment, you NOW have the Opportunity to EARN MILLIONS of PESOS while Shopping, Playing and Traveling! (You can check out the Video below for the Business Marketing Plan)

“The More You Spend, The More You Earn!
And The More You Earn, The More You Can Spend!”
And as an ACTIVE MEMBER, YOU can get chances at WINNING these FREEBIES and get SPECIAL INCENTIVES from your EFFORTS!


Road Shows Abroad

And Being a Member Who has Referred at least 10 New Friends to become part of Crown Lifestyle too, gets a chance to WIN these AWESOME PRIZES!
FREE Apple iPads!

GRAND PRIZE: Toyota Cars

Friend, I’ll be FRANK with you. You know… You won’t have any chance of WINNING these Prizes nor Get these Awesome Privileges and get discounts, deals and perks, and you won’t have any chance of earning your First Millions here… Unless…
You Now Become A Crown Lifestyle Member!
So what are you waiting for? Thousands are joining everyday and experiencing an awesome life right now while you’re getting left behind every single day!


(Good for Today Only!)
If you REGISTER Today effectively, instead of investing P15,000 for your Starter Package as INDEPENDENT RETAILER, you will only have to invest

Php 13,500

(That’s P1,500 Discount For You For Registering Today!)
Again, this Discount is Limited Time Offer to until Today only! I can’t guarantee if this will still be available tomorrow! So go get your SLOT now and REGISTER TODAY!
Happy Shop-Earning!!!

For more information, you can contact the following:

Crown Regency

Hotel and Tower

Cebu City, 6000, Philippines

Contact #:

+639228845847 (Sun)


Special thanks to:

Clint Havel Imperial (my younger brother)
Follow his blog at

Jan Mckingley O. Hilado

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