Cupcake Society by krisangel (Coffee Shop)

I have a sweet tooth!  I always love to eat something sweet, especially when I am getting tired or "low-batt" during work or just wanting to rid off impending depression or doom.  While James and I were walking along the areas near Cebu Doctors Hospital, lo and behold!  A cupcake place!!!  Wow!!!  I never thought I'd find such a gold mine in the suburbs!  When I finally got the chance to try their place, with my Dear James by my side as always, I did not miss the opportunity to take photos and share with all you how sweet life can get at Cupcake Society!

Cupcake Society is located in Fuente Oro Business Suites lobby area, Gov. M. Roa St., Capitol Site, Cebu City.  Nearest famous landmark to this place is the Cebu Doctors Hospital.

You will have the opportunity to see and taste lots of yummy cupcakes in 

Cupcake Society!  Enough talk!  Here are some photos to drop your jaws open!

Photo from 
Moist Chocolate with Chocolate Butter Cream Php 60.00

Butter Cupcake with Vanilla Butter Cream Php 60.00

Blueberry with Creamcheese Frosting Php 60.00

Red Velvet with Creamcheese Frosting Php 60.00

Boston Cream with Chocolate Ganache Php 60.00

Toblerone Ganache with Chocolate Ganache Php 65.00

Cream Cheese Filled with Chocolate Ganache Php 70.00

Moist Chocolate with Chocolate Butter Cream Php 60.00

Pineapple Carrot with Creamcheese Frost Php 60.00

Strawberry with White Chocolate Creamcheese Frosting Php 60.00

Banana Walnut Php 60.00
What are you waiting for?  If you're craving for something sweet, go to Cupcake Society!!! They are open from Monday to Saturday 6 AM - 11 PM.  Their contact number is (032) 268 7912-14.

Live a good life, la buena vida!  ^_^

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