Limiting Beliefs versus Empowering Beliefs

This blog was inspired by John Calub and his Money Magnet Seminar.

Beliefs.  It has been implanted in our minds consciously or unconsciously by many factors.  It includes our parents, relatives, or friends, the TV shows we watch, the newspapers or any printed media we read, the music we listen to, and a whole lot more.  If one has a complacent mind, one would not care to take any time if the thoughts being imparted to them or right or wrong.  That, for me, is a big irresponsibility, because we only deserve to take into mind what's good for ourselves and for everybody.  Once in a while, we should act as proof-readers of ourselves, to disregard limiting beliefs that prevent us from being successful or wealthy in all aspects of our lives and to take into heart and mind empowering beliefs that help us unfold our infinite potential to become perfect!

What I will share to you are some of the things I learned while attending a very empowering seminar, John Calub's Money Magnet.  If you haven't attended any of his seminars, it's like you have missed one half of your life!  I say that in a literal way!  John Calub is such a gifted and talented motivational speaker, and you will be inspired to take action with your life, to improve yourself, to improve your way of living, or if you already financially stable, you will be inspired to make every aspect of your life perfect, because perfection is possible.  It is written in the Bible that perfection is possible.  Let us now talk about limiting beliefs and their corresponding empowering beliefs.

1.  Money is the root of all evil.
I have heard this from everybody, including my parents.  This belief is really limiting because it will lead us to think that having lots of money will make us evil.  Why would a piece of paper be evil?  It's just a freakin' piece of paper!  It is not money that's evil. 

The empowering belief is "the love of money is evil."  It's even written in the Bible!  Why?  It is because love of money will make us do all sort of things to acquire more and more of it, including bad things, and those bad things will make us into persons of no worth.  Another empowering belief is "the lack of money is the root of all evil."  If one has no money, one might be forced to become a pick pocket in the streets, a kidnapper, a bank robber, a petty thief, and the likes.  You see my dear brothers and sisters, it is not acquiring money that's important.  It is the person that we become while acquiring money that is more important.  Having lots of money will be able to make us help a lot of our brothers and sisters, like donating to charity.  Having lots of money would mean you can help a great number of people.  Isn't that great? Yes indeed!

2.  Rich people are bad and greedy.
This belief is stereotyping.  This belief makes us think that every single person in the world that's rich is also bad and greedy.  I don't agree with this because I know a lot of rich people that aren't bad.  In fact, most of them are good.  We have the media as one of the culprits that make us think this way.  Why?  In the movies, who are portrayed as the antagonists?  The rich, right?  They are often portrayed as drug lords, prostitution lords, gang leaders, loan sharks, and etcetera.  We also have our personal experiences with other rich people to blame for.  Maybe one of you has been mistreated by somebody, bullied, or being emotionally attacked, and unfortunately that person is rich.  One might probably make a conclusion by stereotyping, that all rich people are bad.  I can't blame you for making such conclusion for once I was like that too, but I was able to correct my thoughts about that.  Every person is unique so we can't judge that every rich people on earth are bad or greedy.

The empowering belief to this statement is "I can be rich and spiritual at the same time."  Do you want proof?  Read the Bible!  Job, Abraham, Moses, Solomon, David, Joshua, Joseph.  They all are servants of God and all of them are rich in spirit and in the financial aspect.  There's nothing wrong with being rich, as long as you obey and love God with all your heart and mind.  Follow His laws and you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams.

3.  Hindi importante and pera, importante masaya tayo.  (English translation:  Money is not important as long as we are happy.)
Hahahaha!  This line makes me say "Pag chure oi!"  How can you be happy if you’re hungry?  You can't buy food, clothing, and shelter if you don't have money, and those are just the basic needs.  How about education?  You can't have that if you don't have money.  Probably the one that tells you this line is probably also poor himself. 

The empowering belief to this statement is "Money is important in all areas of my life."  By having money, you can buy your basic needs, food clothing, and shelter.  You can also invest in things that will enrich your mind, just like education.  If you don't have money, how can you even give tithes?  If you have nothing, you cannot give anything, but don't distress yourself with this thought because God did not make you just to suffer your whole life through.  He wants us to prosper in all aspects of our lives.  His universe is abundant.  We too are abundant with all his blessings!

4.  You have to work hard for money.  No pain, no gain.
I admit that I am a victim of this statement.  For the past 25 years in my life, I have always thought that I will never be successful unless I strive really strive and toil hard to become successful, because this is what was taught to me by my parents and the society we live in, that in order for me to gain, I have to experince pain.  If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you might be familiar with many famous quotes I will share to you. 

The empowering belief to this statement is "Money comes to me easily and frequently."  According to Buddha, "All that we are is the result of what we thought."  If we think that having money is easy, the law of attraction will work its way to you.  You will have money in an easy way if you THINK that money is easy to get.  But if you'll think otherwise, you will work your sweat out just to get money.  According to W. Clement Stone, "Whatever the mind can conceive it can achieve."  So if we just think that money comes to us easily and frequently, it really will happen.  That's how powerful our minds are. 

5.  You cannot be rich if you stay in the Philippines.
This is so not true!  If this statement is true, why do successful businessmen exist in the Philippines?  Henry Sy was not rich when he was younger but look at him now!  We too can achieve what he has achieved.  You see my dear brothers and sisters.  Money is everywhere.  Money is abundant.  It is up to us how to gather that money so that it will reach us. 

The empowering belief to this statement is "I can be rich wherever I am."  Being wealthy is directly proportional to the way we think.  If we have the wrong mindset, we will never acquire the money that we want.  So even though if you will work abroad and you have the wrong mindset, you will never become wealthy!  If we have the right mindset, it doesn't matter where we are.  If the place is barren, we can make it prosper.  A desert can turn into a bustling city (Las vegas).  A swampy island filled with mangroves can turn into one of the richest cities in the world (Singapore).  As John Calub told us, even if we live in the Babuyan Islands and we have the right mindset and belief, we can be wealthy!

6.  Kapag maikli ang kumot, ikaw ay mamaluktot.  (English translation:  If your blanket is small, learn to curl yourself up so you will fit in your small blanket.)
Oh come on!  Have you been using the same blanket when you were born and until you have turned into an adult?  Hahahaha!

The empowering belief to this statement is "Kapag maikli ang kumot, bumili ka ng mas malaki na kumot."  (English translation:  If your blanket is small, buy yourself a longer blanket.)  I think that is common sense, right?  Hahahaha!

7.  Wealth is "either - or"
There are many variations to this belief.  If you are rich, you are not successful in your love life.  If you have a colorful love life, you career sucks.  If you have a booming career, your love life sucks.  You can add many variations but I tell you, all of them are totally wrong.  This belief that if you are successful in one area of your life and the other is totally opposite is wrong.

The empowering belief to this statement is "I can have it all!"  Wealth is meant for all areas of your life (health, financial status, career, love life, spirituality, and etcetera).  Being wealthy means you are successful in all areas in your life!  Being rich only means you are only successful in the financial aspect.  Don't belittle yourself.  God made us to become prosperous and happy!

8.  Knowledge is power.
Our very own weatherman made this line very famous.  God bless Ernie Baron but we have been taught the wrong belief all along!  Knowledge is important but knowledge alone is futile.  we have been taught a lot of information in school about all sorts of stuff, but I think 70% of what we have learned is not applicable in real life.  An example give to us by John Calub is ---  "You know the table of elements, right?  My classmates in high school memorized them all.  What does Fe mean?  Iron.  What does Au mean?  Gold.  What does Ca mean.  Carbon.  But when did you use Fe or Au or Ca to make yourself wealthy?  Does knowledge of the chemical symbols enough to make you rich?  NO!  What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Manny Pacquiao, and Henry Sy have in common?  All of them were not able to finish school.  In fact, some of them dropped out from college.  You see my dear brothers and sisters, you don't have to be the most intelligent in your class or school to become wealthy.

The empowering belief to this statement is "Wisdom is power."  I'm not saying that having a decent education is no good at all.  What I want to imply is that we have to put all of our knowledge into good action to become wealthy, because wisdom is knowledge in action.  If you can remember a story in the Bible, God asked King Solomon of what he really wanted and King Solomon asked God for wisdom, for he knew that if he had wisdom, he can put all his knowledge into good use.  Because of his wisdom, he was able to become one of the richest kings in the world and one of the wisest when it comes to making decisions.  So before you blow the candle of your birthday cake, ask God for you to be filled with wisdom!

This is the end of my blog.  I would like to thank God for every blessing showered upon me, to John Calub who is a very inspiring and contagiously positive motivational speaker, to all the people who love me (you know who you are) and to all of you who read my blogs.  ^_^

Live a good life, la buena vida!

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