Olango My Getaway: Being Welcomed by an Islet

This photo is courtesy of Sir Bjornson Bernales.

We all know that the Philippines is made up of numerous islands and that the number of islands would depend if it's high tide or low tide. If you think this will correlate to the recently concluded Miss Universe, think again. This blog is in no way about it at all, for we will be talking about the beautiful Olango Island.

Just as we boarded the big bangka on the pier beside Movenpick Resort, I was already filled with excitement. I was hoping for the waves to slightly make the bangka go from side to side. I love big waves because they seem to make the bangka dance in their fingertips. Perhaps the will of my fellow bloggers and hosts were much stronger and perhaps they wished for a calm sea and smooth ride. The genie told them "Your wish is my command" because we never experienced a slight disturbance in the balance of the bangka. Perhaps I should try again next time.

I did not count the minutes it took us to reach Olango Island from Mactan Island but I am very sure it did not reach 30 minutes. Upon arriving, we slowly gathered our bags and went up the make-shift movable bridge which connected the bangka to the pier. At long last, I finally arrived in Olango Island!

The busy Olango Wharf

While waiting for our shuttle to arrive, we walked our way towards the mainland. Upon walking, an islet on our right side greeted us. It was the most cutest and most livable islet that is nearest the pier. It even has small huts on it! To my observation, seems like people actually live in those huts, unless if it's high tide.

The overcast sky did not shower my heart with drizzle.

The overcast sky did not shower my heart with drizzle.

The road to the islet is a set of stairs and a liquid floor

As bloggers always do, we took snap shots of the islet. One after the other, our photos slowly captured the soul of the islet. After realizing that the islet had too much exposure, we decided to let it be. We finally went on our way to reach the house of our gracious host in Olango Island. As for the islet, it's time on our attention span has already passed. 

I wonder what that nipa hut is used for.

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