Olango My Getaway: The Panginhas and Panulo Challenge

After being served the most sumptuous dinner in Olango Island, our tummies were full and satisfied. There was one thing left for us to do ---> BURN all those calories!!! Since we were staying in a bamboo house beside the sea, the local activity in the island called panginhas and panulo was for us to try. Nearby our humble abode was a long stretch of mangrove forest. This was our challenge for the day. In order to successfully partake in this challenge, one must have the correct mindset and appropriate gear. Please take a look at my check list below. Everything must be marked with a check before you can say that you are ready to conquer the mangrove world.

  • Ready for anything.
  • Ready to accept challenges along the way.
  • Never leave a friend behind.
  • You are in this activity to have an "EXPERIENCE."
  • Be alert.
  • If you have patience, please extend it. If you have none, go back to your home.

  • Head light (Our eyes are not meant for night vision.)
  • Flash light (Our eyes are not meant for night vision.)
  • A very sturdy pair of slippers or booties that does not easily slip on your feet (The mud is so sticky.)
  • Light clothing - shorts and shirt (Sweating a lot is inevitable.)
  • Waterproof camera (To capture your unique experience.)

Follow these steps to ensure a pleasurable panginhas and panulo in the mangrove challenge experience of Olango Island.
  1. Make sure that your correct mindset is present.
  2. Make sure that your gear is complete.
  3. Turn your flash lights or head lights on while following the leader that is doing the panulo (nipa leaves being tied into a long burning torch). Do not go ahead of them because you might get lost.
  4. While inside the mangrove forest, please be alert for animals that might hurt you. On your feet, be mindful of crabs that might snip you. On your head, be mindful of bats. When we had our panginhas and panulo challenge, we did not experience being bugged by such creatures.
  5. If your feet gets stuck with the sticky mud, just take the slippers/booties off the mud. If you can manage walking barefoot, please do so but there will be occasional times that you will step on small shells with pointed tips and mangrove roots. These might hurt your feet. I practically gave up walking with my slippers because it was difficult to take them away from the mud. I imagined myself joining John Calub's firewalk bootcamp. The only different is I am not walking on fire but on the shells and roots.
  6. Be mindful of the moan you make when you step on something sharp. You don't have to sound like someone from an R-18 movie. Remember that you have MINORS with you.
  7. In case you forgot what you came in for, that's okay. I was personally on survival mode when I experienced walking through the mangrove forest. I was sweating a lot. I was stuck on sink holes from time to time. My balance was always challenged. My slippery slippers almost gave up. I managed to catch nothing at all. What an accomplishment! It was supposed to be a panginhas and panulo event. Looks like we will not have pulutan over our liquor later. Hehehehehehe!
  8. Flash your lights on the sand and look for crabs or something else if you are not on survival mode just like me.
  9. If you haven't noticed, the stars look very beautiful amidst the very dark sky!
  10. Take photographs all the way, unless you are in survival mode. Hehehehe!
  11. When you are done hurdling over roots and balancing your way over the sticking and sinking sea sand, wash your dirty feet clean.
  12. Rest for a while then go to the nearest BAILE!!! Olango Island has great discorals.

All photos courtesy of Jervie David Montejar.

Lighting up a sky lantern.

Lighting up a sky lantern.

The Olympic Hurdling event should be held in mangroves!

No matter how hard the situation, a beauty queen will always smile. Hi Miss Cebu Mary Angeli Bas!

You are the beacon of light that guides us from our dark path!

Ako nagasunod sa kahayag kay ako anaa karon sa kangitngit sa kagabhion.

Hawak kamay, di kita iiwan sa paglakbay!

Kapyot lang!

Padulong nami mananom og humay (hehehehe)

Mga Ate, sunod lang ta ni Daddy Bjorn.

If you are looking for me, I am not there. I was swallowed by the quick sand! Hehehehe!

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