Sky Cable's 6 New HD Channels and Channel Realignment Gives their Valued Clients a Better Viewing Experience

Sky Cable deeply values the satisfaction of their clients. In order for them to give a much better viewing experience, Sky Cable recently introduced their 6 new HD channels and their channel realignment, their most innovative services yet to date.

A very successful press conference was held recently last December 11, 2012 at Ipar's Restaurant in order to mark the official launching of their newest services. "OC for you" or the Organized Channels aim to give their Cebuano subscribers the ultimate viewing experience, by arranging the channels according to genre in channel assignments with increments of 100. The new channel line up allows subscribers to experience security because channels are the same when you go from one place to another, time being saved because it makes faster location of favorite programs, better channel surfing and viewing experience, and easy addition of channels for their customized line up.

The channel realignment was introduced to the public last December 3 which allows subscribers to easily surf their favorite channels and TV shows in a breeze.

  • Local and free channels - channel 1 to 99
  • Child-friendly channels - channel 100 to 199 
  • Educational and learning channels - 200 series
  • Sports channels - 300 series 
  • Movie channels - 400 series
  • News channels - 500 series
  • US TV series and general entertainment channels - 600 series
  • Sky Cable's HD packages - 700 series
  • International and religious channels - 800 and 900 series.

6 new HD channels have been added to the 16 Sky Cable full-HD play list, the most HD channels offered by a digital cable provider. An improved channel line-up now features CNN HD, Food Network HD, Sundance HD, CinemaWorld HD, HBO Signature HD and HBO Family HD. Life-like imagery and cinematic sound is made accessible 24/7 courtesy of Sky Cable!

Subscribe to any Sky Cable basic plans now! Premium choices include Sky Cable 280, 399, 499, Silver, or Gold then upgrade to Sky Cable Select or Sky Cable HD. Ongoing promos and discounted installation fees are available so hurry and grab them while their hot! Huge savings await you!

Experience Sky Cable for yourself! You and your family certainly deserve the best!

For more information, please visit their official website at or call their customer service hotline at 345-2278.

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