Cebuboy Lechon's Pasaluboy: The Newest Lechon in Town

The star of the Christmas banquet has always been the lechon. I am sorry Christmas ham! Seems like the limelight if not pointed at you. It has always been a favorite among the Filipinos. Any event or celebration will never be complete in its absence, and its presence would mark a never-ending party. Cebuboy Lechon finally introduces to the public its Pasaluboy. Cebuboy comes from combining the words Cebu and Baboy (pig) while Pasaluboy comes from the words pasalubong and baboy.

Cebu lechon has been hailed by world-renowned celebrity TV chef Anthony Bourdain as the "best in the world" in his blog "The Hierarchy of Pork." Aside from Bourdain, TIME Magazine ranked the lechon of the Philippines as the Best of Asia in 2009.

Cebuboy Lechon is a project of Northern Group Works Holdings (NGH) and they have diverse operation in companies from various industries like BPO, KPO, health care, food service, and real estate development. Cebuboy Lechon and Pasaluboy is under Holister Inc.

Their service is not limited to Cebu because they also accept orders from Manila. Since the Holiday season is already in the air, why not grab your very own belly lechon in a box? Pasaluboy will surely make your Christmas a very memorable one!

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