When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Gets Biking All Around Olango Island

The very cute Rigo in comtemplation.

Olango Island is a great beauty. Upon visiting, you will really verbalize, "Olango, my getaway!" Being invited to savor its goodness with limited number of people means I have been very blessed. I accepted the blessing even though I did not deserve it. I "wanted" it though. I wanted it a lot. Part of the blessing was circumnavigating the island through bike. To be more exact, it's more like circum-oblongating. Ka Bino would surely spank me on my bottoms for making such a word.

A bike always gives me a nostalgic chill on my spine. I learned how to ride a bike when I was in elementary by borrowing a bike from my classmate, but the learning did not come easy. 

Since there were lots of us who want to have a moment with it, I end up only having a few minutes in figuring out how to balance on it. Sometimes, I don't get even a chance to borrow it, so I go somewhere else peaceful and begin to cry where no one else would see me. 

While learning, I fell a lot. I had lots of scratches earned. Bruises also marked many parts of my small frame. I used to envy those who own one because they had more time in learning how to ride a bike. 

The going indeed was tough but the tough me went on biking anyways. I eventually learned the art of balancing myself on a mechanical wonder with two wheels.

13 years after that is what we perceive as 2012, the year that the world would end as predicted by the Mayans. This blog is not about that so let's go back to biking. 

A select group of bloggers were recently invited to the Olango My Getaway adventure tour courtesy of the Lapu-Lapu City Government and part of the AdvenTour was Food Trip!!!

Oh my! Who am I to refuse such goodness in life offered to me? It's time to let the fun begin! Olango Island, here I come!

When we went to the Olango Bird Sanctuary, our bikes were all prepared for us after spending time looking for local and migratory birds. Seeing the bikes parked in green grass was a very good sight for me. It made me very excited! At long last, I could finally ride a bike again after 13 years of waiting!

The Bloggers and SK Officers getting pumped up for the bike tour!

After everything was set, it was time for us to run our bikes. The first few minutes was fine then I eventually fell down after applying the brakes because my feet could not reach the ground. I chose to fall on the green grass. It was fine. I was even laughing when I fell. Actually, it felt good to fall on the soft grass. It was good enough to be my bed for the night. 

Thankfully, a gentleman who was part of the host team offered to exchange his bike for mine. He noticed that the bike seat was to tall for a petite stature. I asked him to lower his bike seat so that I could easily balance the bike with my legs. After he made the necessary adjustments, everything was perfect! I could comfortably ride the bike already! There was even a nice bonus. My bike has 2 bells. I could signal those in front of me or any bystander that I am near and right behind them.

We went around the island using a bike and we finished 25 kilometers! Just look at how many calories we've burned! This photo is courtesy of Miong Tampus.

We went from one barangay to the other. Though the road taken was sometimes rough and smooth, I had to go on. It's a metaphor of life itself. No matter how difficult the road towards your goal is, life has to go on. As for me, I had a very difficult time with the rough and rocky road of Olango but the cemented road gave me much relief. The sun was scorching hot but the smiles of the locals gave me comfort, just as much as the Gatorade and water replenished my thirsty soul. The first sign of muscle ache was a great excuse not to continue the tour through bike but finishing through it means I had accomplished my goal for that day. I am so proud of myself and to my friends who have covered 25 kilometers of the scenic Olango Island beauty.

We ate all the food that was offered to us and we ate with much gusto. We burned a lot of calories. We lost many fluids and replaced them eventually. We shared many moments of laughter. We saw many wonderful sights. Most of all, all the biking we did that day was like the exercise I should have done in one year! 

If given the chance to experience the biking event all over again, I will not hesitate. I will join again in a heart beat!

Olango Island indeed is My Getaway!

We've got the sea on our backs!

We've got the sea on our backs!

Ka Bino awaits the bikers patiently. He began to whistle minutes after and placed the photo shoot in haste.

Miss Cebu Mary Angeli Bas and the gentleman who gave me a comfortable bike.

Olango Island bikers and lamao-ers

Olango Island bikers and lamao-ers

Olango Island bikers and lamao-ers

Miong, why place the bike in such a location?

Engineer Mark Razonable and Sir Jonji Gonzales having a good time in the "banig" on the grass.

Rigo, how many times did you stumble?

Ivan, how was your discoral experience?

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