Olango My Getaway: Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary

The Philippines is very blessed because it has a tropical weather. This kind of weather brings forth so much life and abundance to every living creature ever made by the Divine Source. Many fantastic creatures make the Philippines as a stopover from their very long migration. Oftentimes, these creatures are birds or marine mammals that flee from the bitter cold of winter in the search of warm embrace from the summer or tropical sun. Olango Island is one of their favorite stop overs. Since many migratory birds from other countries come here on a regular basis, Olango Island Widlife Sanctuary was made to research, monitor, and protect our flying visitors.

To reach the viewing deck of the sanctuary, you have to make your way amidst the solid blocks stretched acros the shallow sea. If the sea is on a high tide, chances are, you will get your feet wet because the blocks will be slightly submerged in seawater. The view of the solid blocks against the sea was very beautiful. It was also fun stepping on them and watching the numerous sleeping fish beside the blocks.

As far as I could remember, the Sanctuary officer discussed to us the regular migration patterns of the birds from ohter countries. As I mentioned earlier, they fly from the winter cold to stay warm in tropical countries and by the time that winter on their homeland is over, it would mean that they have to go back home. It was also mentioned to us that when birds come to Olango Island, they are very thin, injured, or very weak, which is mainly due to the miles they endured in traveling. It is the duty of those who work in the sanctuary to nurse the sick, feed them, and make them strong. By doing so, they are helping the birds to recover and continue their travel down south in Australia or elsewhere. The Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary would serve as their temporary hospital and discharge would be possible upon their recovery.

Countless birds make up the migration pattern in Olango Island. One of them is the white egret. This was the only bird I saw during our visit in the sanctuary because the sea was on a low tide. I don't know the reason why less birds can be seen during low tide. Perhaps I should have asked but I was too preoccupied with taking photographs of the wonderful place. 

The sancturay officers are also responsible for the research about these birds and they also mark the birds to know if they are locals or if they are migratory. Local birds have blue over black tags on their foot.

It is advisable to wear slippers upon visiting the sanctuary because if you are having so much fun on the viewing deck, you will not notice that the tide is getting bigger. If you want closer inspection on the birds, you'd have to get your feet wet. I think it is more fun that way. The Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary is a must come-back for me and for you!

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